What To Expect From An Oscillating Fan

What To Expect From An Oscillating Fan

Oscillating Fan

What To Expect From An Oscillating Fan

Are you already hesitating to use your air conditioning unit because of the huge electrical bill that you may receive by the end of the month? You can still use your air conditioner but it is more effective if you couple it with an oscillating fan. There are now air conditioner brands that have an automatic timer and temperature regulator which alternates the use of these two equipments while maintaining the quality and coolness of the air.

Understanding How It Works

Oscillating electric fans is a general category used for all the fans and blowers which rotate sideward. from left to right or vice-versa. These include the conventional electric fans that are commonly marketed and used at homes. Compared to the box type fans, they are not completely stationary. Only the base or stand remains in place while the main head together with the motor moves sideward.

All fans work in the same manner ; electricity powers a small motor which drives or spins a shaft that would finally rotate the fans attached on the shaft’s front tip. For the head of an oscillating tower fan to move sideward, a small and simple gearbox captures a portion of the motor’s rotating power. This motion is converted horizontally to tilt the fan head from left to right.

Pros and Cons of an Oscillating Fan

Among the pros include:

  • Blowing air to a larger portion of the room. These fans blow air while moving their heads from left to right. Some fans are even capable of oscillating for more than 90 degrees. Hence, it can ensure comfort for more individuals instead of just blowing in a single direction.
  • Better air circulation. With the best oscillating fan, you can be assured with improved air circulation. This makes temperature even on all parts of the room.
  • Compact and portable. Most designs and styles of these fans are freestanding or not fixed on ceilings or walls. It’s easy for you to carry or keep this home appliance in place.

Some of the cons include:

  • Limited air output. If you want intense blowing power, you should shift towards stationary industrial fans. The oscillating types of fans can’t really produce super strong blows because such pressure shall affect its stability .
  • They move only in a single direction. Although they are oscillating, the sideward movement is still a limitation based on oscillating fan reviews. The rotating ceiling fans are better off when it comes to coverage and direction.

Tips When Buying an Oscillating Fan

  • Choose a fan size fit for your needs. There are even fans having diameters less than 12 inches if you’re really looking for a personal or portable type .
  • Be keen on the fan’s energy consumption. The lesser wattage rating is more ideal.
  • Plastic fans are safer but metal is more durable. If you worry about your family member’s safety, plastic fans are less risky than the metal blades.
  • Consider your budget. This should no longer be a problem because most fans are already sold at a cheap price.

To ensure comfort during the hot summer days, an oscillating fan could be your perfect companion. It provides you a little bit more of the convenience that you already have more at home.

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