#12 DIY Cleaning Ceilings How to be Green & Healthy Natural & Frugal Raising 6 kids

#12 DIY Cleaning Ceilings How to be Green & Healthy Natural & Frugal Raising 6 kids

#12 DIY Cleaning Ceilings: How to be Green & Healthy

DIY all things cleaning the ceilings in your home.

Are you enjoying my blog series on cleaning room by room. Are you ready for post #12 in this series? And one of the awesome things about natural DIY cleaning is if you have been following & applying the series you already have everything you need to clean your whole house. I basically use the same natural items Ito clean everywhere in my home. Using the same items like Vinegar for cleaning the whole house saves everyone time, money & health plus the added peace of mind knowing that using these products in your home is safe for you, your family & the environment. This article is for cleaning your ceilings fast, easy & effectively using DIY safe natural cleaning products. A blog post on DIY cleaning your vehicles will be the subject of the next blog post in this series, so stay tuned for that.

You can go to any of the other 11 post in this series of articles & safely use the recipes found in them to clean almost everything in your home, cars etc so I highly recommend you check them out for more cleaning ideas for cleaning your ceilings also.

Some of the things you need for DIY ceiling cleaning:

Make sure to check out my series of articles: How to be Green & Healthy: Room by room , I will be adding articles on how to clean each room in your house, DIY, natural & frugal. Blog series of articles on: How to be Green & Healthy: Room by room.

DIY clean ceilings: How to Green & Healthy, but if you are new to DIY cleaning & my blog series you might ask: Are these DIY ideas as effective to kill germs, fungus  &  bacteria  like commercial cleaning  products do?

My loud affirmative answer is: YES! You bet they are! but I am guessing if you have been following this series you agree & have looked up all the info provided in blog posts 1 -8, as I always say, research, research, research! If you ask me I will very fast tell you DIY green cleaning is down right amazing, then add to that we get sick so very rarely so that’s a big clue to them no compromising our immune system & them working. I also have known many friends who while switching to DIY natural cleaners saw their health improve greatly.

Now onto how to make all things: DIY Cleaning your Ceilings.

On ceiling just like on walls & other surfaces I always suggest using caution if using anything wet or that can stain, so yes research your type of finish & spot check painted ceilings,  wood, stucco or other types of finishes etc.

Food on ceilings or walls

Ceiling fans box fans etc: simply use a DIY spray cleaner or DIY dusting spray, simply spray and wipe box fans. For ceiling fans spray the blade & spray lightly the inside of a pillow case, slide pillow case over blade & use a broom to slide around & clean both sides & simply pull off.

Make a thick paste with baking soda & water, or borax & water & simply fill holes, wait for them to dry & paint over them, this can also be done with white toothpaste. This is for small holes only.

Killing & Repelling Flies, Gnats/Fruit flies, Spiders & other bugs (Spray):

Use a large spray bottle

16 oz rubbing alcohol  (or grain alcohol)

1 tsp natural liquid soap (Like Castile etc or original blue dawn)


Fill the rest of the bottle with water or use straight for best results

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