Decorating Your Bedroom for Summer

Decorating Your Bedroom for Summer

Decorating Your Bedroom for Summer

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The weather is heating up, Memorial Day has come and gone, the kids are celebrating the approaching end of the school year – summer is near at hand. Just as your wardrobe cools off with shorts, tank tops and sandals as the sun beats down from a clear blue sky, so should your bedroom switch to a lighter, cooler vibe to help beat those sweltering nights and humid mornings.

You don’t need to entirely redo your bedroom to beat the summer heat, although if you live in a predominantly warm climate and you’ve been thinking of a bedroom makeover anyway, now’s a good time to go for it. Most bedrooms just need a few summery touches to cool down and turn up the casual, easy vibe that summer is all about.

Cotton up. Time to put away the heavy flannel, microfiber or synthetic blend sheets. While those are warm and cozy during the winter months, they are too hot and nonabsorbent for the toasty temperatures of summer. You’ll sleep better with 100% cotton sheets that don’t absorb your body heat. Along with cotton sheets, switch to a lightweight cotton comforter, quilt, duvet cover or bedspread.

Go light. Dark, solid bedding has its place, but not in the summer. Instead, choose white, pastels or light tints of chilly blue or green to create a cooling trend, then set it alight with a few touches of bright red, blue, yellow or green for a little zingy contrast. Cheerful patterns like florals. ocean motifs, stripes and geometrics look fresh and summery.

Cool down. If you have central air conditioning, enjoy it on those sweltering nights when even the crickets sound hot. If not, or if the temperature isn’t quite so severe, set a small electric fan on the dresser, or a larger pedestal fan at the foot of your bed, and point the refreshing breeze in your direction. Nothing says summer refreshment like a ceiling fan. so if you’ve been considering installing a new ceiling fixture, head to your local home improvement center and choose from a wide selection of fans.

See through. Although bedroom windows need coverings that provide privacy, replace heavy drapes with sheer, fluttery curtains over a white pull-down shade or venetian blinds. Remember to open your blinds each morning to take advantage of all that summery daylight.

Decorating Your Bedroom for Summer

Bare floors. While area rugs are wonderful accents, they add warmth to the room. If you live in a very warm area, go bare and put away the rugs until the fall. If your climate is more temperate, switch to an area rug in a lighter color. Choose one with a pattern to help hide dirt or stains.

Change artwork. There’s no rule that says you have to have the same artwork on your walls year round. Instead, replace your hanging artwork with a few summer-themed photographs, paintings or prints. Beach scenes, ocean themes, flowers, outdoor fun and gorgeous landscapes all say, “Life is good in the summer.”

Summer accessories. If you do nothing else to decorate your room for summer, switch up one or two accessories. Add a dash of summer fun with any of the following:

  • Strings of beads in a doorway, or hanging from the ceiling around the head of your bed
  • Crystals, sun catchers or stained glass ornaments hanging in the window
  • Twinkle lights strung around the curtain rod
  • Small wicker baskets to hold trinkets on your dresser
  • Fresh or faux flowers in a pretty vase on your nightstand
  • One or two white candles for romantic glow on sultry summer nights
  • A large, brightly colored paper lantern hanging from the ceiling
  • Glass apothecary jars filled with seashells, marbles, sea glass or small beads displayed on the windowsill or dresser

When it comes to summer, the living should be easy and the atmosphere casual. You don’t have to do an entire room renovation, but welcome in the season of sunshine with at least a few easy changes in your bedroom dcor.

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