Do-It-Yourself Ceiling Decor & Draping for Weddings eHow

Do-It-Yourself Ceiling Decor & Draping for Weddings eHow

Draping the Ceiling

Measure the size of your venue, taking into account the ceiling height, plus the length and width of the room, or ask the venue owner to provide you with accurate measurements. Make sure the venue owner allows draperies to be hung in the space, and ask if there are any safety codes you must follow to do so.

Purchase enough fabric to create all of your draperies. Consider that you will need to double or even triple the length of the fabric, compared to the length of the ceiling, depending on how far down you want the fabric to drape between hanging points. You can also purchase ready-made curtains if they will work with your design. Sew ready-made curtains end-to-end if they are not the correct length.

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Do-It-Yourself Ceiling Decor & Draping for Weddings eHow

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