Do it Yourself- Roof Room Addition eHow

Do it Yourself- Roof Room Addition eHow

Access the Attic

You will need to look at space under the roof. Go through an existing attic push-up door or build a staircase leading up to the attic space. Examine wiring, rafters and areas under the eaves. Figure out where the roof can be lifted to open headroom. Measure the height and width of the space, including floorspace under the eaves.

Design Framework

Nail down half-inch plywood sub-flooring to create walking surface. Build wood framing for the new area with 2 x 4 lumber boards. Have an expert carpenter cut open the roof for dormers or raise the roof to make headroom. He will need to install roof framing with 2 x 12 lumber boards and tie this framing into existing roof rafters. Building codes require a window for fire escape in an attic room as well. Include framing in the room space for a bathroom and closet.

Incorporate Storage

Design storage space under low-lying eaves, under built-in window seats or via a wall unit. You will want to keep supplies for the attic room, such as sheets and blankets, in that area. Use a narrow space of a bathroom wall to carve out storage as well. For example, you can use just 6 inches of depth from floor to ceiling to store wash clothes, soap and toiletry items. Build short rooms back in attic spaces near the roof room to store Christmas decorations or camping gear.

Safety Features

Most building codes require having a window in an attic bedroom space in case of fire. Consider adding a deck on the roof area outside the new room to provide emergency escape. This will call for installing windows, French doors or some type of sliding doors to access the deck.

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Do it Yourself- Roof Room Addition eHow

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