False Ceiling for Drawing Room Smart Home Decorating Ideas

False Ceiling for Drawing Room Smart Home Decorating Ideas

False Ceiling for Drawing Room

Adding a false ceiling for drawing room is a great way to improve the attractiveness of a ceiling. A ceiling is an important design element in your home that can provide a decorative effect just like walls and floors.  False ceilings come in a large number of design options so you are sure to find a decorative ceiling to suit your taste. The combination of a false ceiling design, the right colors and lighting can completely change the overall impression of a drawing room.  False ceilings can be used in any room in the house such as a bedroom or kitchen.

Make sure you consider all the different types of false ceiling for drawing room before making any changes to your ceiling. Included below are a few false ceiling types to give you some ideas.

Pop stands for plaster of paris and it is a great way of providing a decorative feel to your ceiling.  It can also be used to hide blemishes in an older ceiling, or to cover ceiling features such as beams running across the ceiling.  Plaster of paris is very versatile as it can be used to create almost any ceiling feature that you want.  Pop false ceilings can be used to hide air conditioning ducts, and you could install recessed lighting which gives a softer and more elegant feel to the room. Plaster of paris can be used to mold the features you want, or you can now buy plaster of paris moldings in various shapes and designs that you can install.   Pop false ceilings are often painted white, but you can also paint the pop features in a different colour to make them a feature of your room.

As its name ‘tray’ suggests this false ceiling is rectangular in shape like a tray and is usually recessed which means the edges of the ceiling are at a lower height than the center.  Alternatively the tray can be inverted so that the tray part of the ceiling is lower than the rest of the ceiling.  Inverted tray ceilings are often used in kitchens, particularly in an open plan design that incorporates both the kitchen and living area.  The kitchen area can be defined by the use of an inverted tray ceiling.  The inverted tray ceiling can also be used to hide ducting for exhaust fans.  A recessed tray ceiling is often used in entrance halls to give a feeling of sophistication to the entry.  Or they can be used in living rooms to give a feeling of space and height.  The edges of the recessed tray ceiling can be used for special effects lighting.  Tray ceilings add style and value to your home.

Ceiling Medallions

False Ceiling for Drawing Room Smart Home Decorating Ideas

Ceiling medallions are molding s you attach to the ceiling for a decorative effect and they come in an almost unlimited range of designs from simple geometric designs to the more intricate.   Shapes vary from circles or ovals to rectangular designs.   These ceiling features are very suitable for art deco style houses or apartments and are also quite common in older style homes. If you have a slightly uneven ceiling in an older house but don’t want to go to the expense of replacing the ceiling a ceiling medallion can be used as it draws the eye towards the decorative feature and away from blemishes or unevenness in other parts of the ceiling. The medallion is usually installed in the center of your ceiling, with the light fitting attached or hanging from the center. You should choose a light that complements the medallion design.   For example a geometric art deco feature should be complemented by an art deco style light.   Ceiling medallions are often painted a different color from the rest of the ceiling.   The features of the medallion can be highlighted with various colours of paint that reflect the colors in other features in your room such as wall paper or curtains.

Dome ceiling

This false ceiling design is similar to a tray ceiling, but the center is shaped like a dome. It is useful for providing a feeling of height and elegance to a room. Dome ceilings are particularly good for showcasing a beautiful light fitting such as a chandelier.

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