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Hampton Bay Lighting

Progress Lighting Fixtures

You know how important lighting is for any home or building. However, almost as important as the source of the light is the mounting or fixture that is used with the lighting. A fixtures design can enhance and even define the quality of the light. Progress Lighting offers a variety of features that can answer any of your lighting needs.

Progress Lighting Fixtures

Flush Mount

The flush is a classic setting for lighting in most environments—whether indoor or outdoor. Nevertheless, there are multiple variations of this popular mounting. The flush mount gives a clean, effective appearance to your room lighting fixtures.

However, each mount can host lights of different sizes and profiles. Since the typical version of this lighting fixture is a circular mounting, it is easy to forget that even fluorescent lights can easily utilize flush mounts.

Prices for this type of fixture occupy a wide range. You can acquire a flush mounting for your lights as inexpensively as $20. Simultaneously, there are such mounts made from polished nickel at Progress that sell for about $1,500. Though the cost is much higher, the appearance and quality is worth the expense.

This setting projects a light out a little more from the underlying surface. It can do so in many different ways to move the light source farther into a room or the environment. The Madison Collection at Progress, on the other hand, adds a highly decorative touch to any light source with elegant curves extending out to cup various lights. Some semiflush mounts adapt to different locations with a square rather than round mount.

You can keep it simple or make it ornate when you choose semiflush mounts from Progress. The least expensive option is available for about $20, putting a sophisticated appearance within reach even when your means are modest. For those interested in paying for a more stylish background for their light sources, prices may go past $1,000.

Ceiling Fan Fixtures

In many areas, it is necessary to combine lighting with ceiling fan settings, in order to save space and maximize the utility of a rooms resources. This creates a need for a special kind of light and a special kind of setting for that light source. It also means that additional resources for the fixtures are needed, such as switches which operate lights and fans separately.

Progress Lighting meets many different lighting needs. Their integrated controls add a modern touch and utility to any room equipped with these conveniences. Just as their other options in lighting have shown, their ceiling fan accessories and options are state-of-the-art and varied in order to meet any need with regard to style or intent.

When you bring a light out from the wall, you gain a number of opportunities in terms of style and usefulness. The Fortune Collection at Progress Lighting provides simple but graceful curves for your illumination with its polished nickel setting. The Bradford Collection takes the same approach but adds a more ornate style in forged bronze without adding prohibitively to costs.

These fixtures offer you the elegance of traditional wall sconces. At Progress, you can also acquire more modern sconces for your wall fixtures that bring a useful approach that does not detract from the rooms class. It is easy to select from any taste for any room in your house or business.


As far as lights go, chandeliers are the height of class. Their appearances range from the simplistic to the extremely ornate. Progress makes these light mounts with high quality materials, utilizing everything from their customary brushed nicked or polished nickel to burnished chestnut and even antique bronze.

Chandelier light fixtures do not have to indicate high expense. The functional yet urbane Inspire Collection from Progress Lighting costs less than $70 per unit but it will give your room both the appearance and the illumination that it needs. The same company can provide you with the highly ornate Monterrey Collection of chandeliers. The multiple lights cupped in various elevations will delight anyone entering your rooms while establishing an undeniable presence for your light source.

Pendants create a nice medium between chandeliers and semiflush mounts that take advantage of the benefits in both. The extension of the fixture from the ceiling creates a greater spread from the source of illumination while adding a touch of sophistication that a semiflush mount can never really achieve.

These light fixtures are also easily adapted, since they often rest on chains or poles which can retract or extend to suit the occasion or the arrangement of furniture in the room. As you adapt to each season or feeling for your room, you can adapt your pendant light fixtures from Progress Lighting to suit your needs.

Hampton Bay Lighting

The various distinctions in appearance are equaled by the varieties of prices. You can grace any room with beautiful lighting fixtures in these styles for much less than $100. You can also decide to spare no expense and acquire the most tasteful pendant available with silver highlights for close to $500.

Outdoor and Landscape Lighting

It is easy to forget how many possible environments can need lighting. Just because you are outdoors does not mean that your lighting fixtures have no need for stylish appearances.

The right fixture does more than just add a little class to a bare light bulb. It also protects and preserves your light source, saving you money while it adds a modicum of sophistication to the setting.

Outdoor lights include porch lights. These are definitely more than just touches of style. They also have to be very functional and may have to act as part of a complicated security system even while they adorn the reception to your house with quality materials such as bronze or nickel. Adapt any entryway with the right fixtures from Progress Lighting.

Landscape lighting includes everything from the low-set lights that line your walkways to the powerful flood lights that protect you and your neighbors from unwanted approaches. Progress can do much more than simply supply you with the parts. Check out their multiple accessories and devices that can help to integrate your outdoor and landscape lighting system with any electronic control format.

About Progress Lighting

Progress offers more than 5,000 lighting fixtures to its customers. With this diverse selection, they can meet the needs and desires of a wide variety of customers. Their goal is to exceed expectations in very possible terms of quality. This results in products that are both highly capable of providing light in any environment as well as fixtures that please the eye.

If you want to know more about these thousands of products and accessories, check out their website. Just like their lighting fixtures, the Progress website is easy to use and attractive in appearance. You will not be disappointed with the selection or their prices. Have a look at the video below.

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