How to Choose Paint Colors for Ceilings & Walls eHow

How to Choose Paint Colors for Ceilings & Walls eHow


Pick a color that complements the rooms size. For instance, certain colors can create an illusion of extra space or make a room seem smaller. Large rooms accommodate darker colors without creating a claustrophobic feeling, but smaller rooms benefit more from light colors that create the illusion of more space.

Determine what mood you want to create. Blues pacify and calm. Reds, which might seem an odd color choice, excite and tantalize, so they work well in kitchens. Yellows create a cheery mood. To complete the mood, balance your wall with your ceiling by selecting a color in the same family of colors. For instance, to maintain a cheerful look, you might offset a bright yellow wall with a pale, almost white yellow for the ceiling or even a light blue.

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While white may seem like the most sensible choice for a ceiling color, there are other options in paint that may help.

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The colors chosen to paint a room affect the overall perception of the space. For best results, carefully consider the desired effect.

The default paint color for any ceiling is flat white. This is what builders do in new homes because it's cheap, easy.

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Sage green wall paint goes well with many colors, including earth tones ranging from brown to golden yellow to pale terra cotta.

In most cases, walls and ceilings should be painted in different colors for architectural and lighting purposes. While this isn't a hard.

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How to Choose Paint Colors for Ceilings & Walls eHow

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Not all neutrals are created equal. Black and ivory, both considered to be neutral colors, match each other and most other colors.

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