How to Hang Drywall Ceilings

How to Hang Drywall Ceilings


Автор ENDURE ONE_OGT (3 месяца)

This is going to be useful for when we begin working on a room at home!

Автор rezonite (1 месяц)

Let me guess, Floridians. 

Автор h8ncars (22 дня)

So many nail pops in my house. wtf I got hustled on that sale. 

Автор hulkhuggett (21 день)

The part about measuring for the studs was a cool tip. 

Автор ctoth18 (1 месяц)

I also want to add after all the drywall was hung. my buddy relayed to me

he was a drywall finisher for five years. not really a hanger as I thought

Автор ctoth18 (1 месяц)

I framed my basement with a buddy after watching some of your videos. we

just drywalled it and made a big boo boo. I’ve never hung drywall before.

and our drywall did not fall on studs. My buddy said it would be ok he did

drywall for five years. This is the ceiling I’m talking about by the way.

the walls came out perfect. So basically I have 5/8 inch board hanging in

space on the ends. Joists are 16 inches apart. What kind of mayhem can I

now look forward to? We paper taped and durabonded the seams 

Автор Rick Hinchcliff (6 месяцев)

Thanks for the videos. Nice work!

Автор Nikola Tesla (8 месяцев)

I bought a used home for the first time a few years ago, and didn’t know

anything about drywall or ceilings. So, I never knew about the dangers that

were right above my cars in the garage with a horrible ceiling drywall job

(the previous owner did?).

So, last week after a good rain storm a huge section came down, smacked

into the garage opener track, then snapped the drywall section in half

hitting my car and scrathing the trunk up. YES, I was/am very mad about it.

For now as a quick fix I bought deck screws with washers and attacked every

board to make sure it will not happen again until I get someone that knows

what they are doing to make this right. As I was screwing the boards up you

could certainly tell the others were sagging and bound to fall

Obvious after learning about using glue that wasn’t done or I wouldn’t have

a section falling so easily

These videos help novice noobs like me SO THANKS!

Автор Corey Wojdylo (7 месяцев)

Nails pop because over time the wood dries and tends to twist. It has

nothing to do with gravity.

Автор Saul C. R. S. (8 месяцев)

I thought that every time you were hanging a ceiling you were supposed to

put 5 screws on the field. 

Автор Chuck Reel (10 месяцев)


Автор Frank Rubi (1 год)

Didn’t know about the glue. thanks

Автор BasementFinishingMan (1 год)

It depends on which version you purchased. The older versions did not come

with the drywall videos. Send me your email and order number and I will

send these to you for free.Thanks again for your purchase and good luck

with your basement project!

Автор BasementFinishingMan (1 год)

Thanks Henry! We wait to screw the middle of the drywall sheet because the

light fixtures stick down 1/2″ below the floor joists we are screwing into

and if we screwed the middle before we cut-out the lights we would

«blow-out» the drywall around the light fixtures and ruin the drywall

sheet! Hope that makes sense to you. Thanks for your positive comment!


Автор BasementFinishingMan (11 месяцев)

Don’t over complicate the mechanics of drywall. This is not rocket science

or brain surgery. Anything you «mess-up» can usually be fixed without to

much trouble. But. just get in there and get your hands dirty and the

rest will come! Good luck with the trade my man! Eddie

Автор Tim Satterfield (1 год)

Ive never used the 2x4s to prop the drywall. Interesting. Does it ever mess

up the finished face of the drywall and create extra finishing work? Also,

I have never used any glue. Interesting as well. Will consider. Haven’t had

problems with nail pops though personally. But, I see how it can help.

Автор BasementFinishingMan (11 месяцев)

That thought never crossed my mind. Thanx for watching.

Автор BasementFinishingMan (1 год)

Thanks for liking our drywall training video Rich! I’m always here if you

have any questions about the drywall project. Eddie

Автор BasementFinishingMan (1 год)

Always perpendicular!

Автор mervoworld (1 год)

Excellent work guys! Thanks for the info and snappy happy presentation.

Автор BasementFinishingMan (1 год)

Get a job as a helper w/ a good general contractor and just keep your ears

and eyes open! This is how most guys in the business learn the ropes! No

College is NOT the answer for this line of work. Trade schools are good but

learning on the job is BEST! Eddie

Автор Henry Gordon (1 год)

Great video man, feel much more confident after viewing this! One question

- what’s the purpose of waiting to nail the center of the drywall until

after you rotozip the boxes?

Автор Andrew John Smith (11 месяцев)

Thank you for the reply and sorry for coming up as a cocky prick. Not my

intention. LOL

Автор BasementFinishingMan (1 год)

Thanks for the hat tip!

Автор BasementFinishingMan (1 год)

Thank You! We are glad you liked this basement ceiling drywall video!

Автор BasementFinishingMan (1 год)

Hey Tim! No it doesn’t hurt the board at all it’s just two more sets of

hands! And the glue is king in my book. Everyone in my neck of the woods

glues there board. Once that glue sets-up it’s over for nail and screw-head

pops. Thanks for commenting my friend! Take care. Eddie

Автор BasementFinishingMan (1 год)

Your most welcome mervoworld! We are Happy while we work!

Автор BasementFinishingMan (1 год)

Very slow process mostly. Plus you have to gauge when to stop screwing on

every single screw so you don’t over-screw and push the head of the screw

through the drywall paper face (which is a bad thing!).

Автор willshine23 (1 год)

Idk if there’s a video for it but try 2 guys pushing sheets to the lid and

1 guy walks stilts as the screwman, he tacks it off while your routering,

then get out of his way while he finishes screwing and you move on, Super

How to Hang Drywall Ceilings


Автор BasementFinishingMan (1 год)

Thanks for the comment! Much appreciated!

Автор BasementFinishingMan (1 год)

Some people will just never give a good crap what your trying to teach

them! I see it everyday. All you can do is try. if they don’t want your

years of experience then $#@*!-em and let them learn the hard way,

sometimes that’s what it takes. People just do not respect authority the

way they used too. it’s a whole new world out there, it’s sad really:-(

Автор BasementFinishingMan (1 год)

Thanks averagemale2000! We do appreciate the view of our basement finishing

videos and the positive comment! Take care man. Eddie

Автор MoonBTW (2 года)

i bought the a-z do i get this also?

Автор Andrew John Smith (11 месяцев)

Been working as a drywaller for 14 years. Here in Greece we use 0.6 mm

steal frame .I think is much easier then the wood frame .We don’t mark with

pencil every stud on the sheet. I think is a bit noobish. but then again

i do miss the stud here and there. )

Автор BasementFinishingMan (1 год)

Your welcome Frank! Yeah drywall adhesive really does the trick especially

with the ceilings! Eddie

Автор Rich Manray (1 год)

I subscribed and liked and will be following your advice next weekend in my

garage. Thanks for the great video (typ-os and all) :)

Автор Mac Swet (11 месяцев)

Man thanks posting thus video. I am 24 and just got into the «handyman»

biss with my uncle and we do a lot of sheet rock installation and he is

teaching me a very digfrent more confusing way. you guys make.more sense

to me. thanks.

Автор BasementFinishingMan (1 год)

Gosh Rich all that good info for free and your busting my chops over a

Type-O! I’m the graphics guy and I did miss that one. My video editing

program does not have a spell checker or I would be using it! Thanks for

your comment on my basement finishing drywall training videos. Eddie

Автор Greg Eid (2 года)

What is the negative of using a regular cordless? It’s all I have.

Автор BasementFinishingMan (1 год)

Sorry about that my friend. We always have a radio on and honesty we did

not even realize that we had it on when we were shooting the video! Eddie

Автор MicrosoulV3 (1 год)

Nice video. Thank you guys for making it. I have 13 lights to do in my

basement, this sure did help me understand what I am in for.

Автор willshine23 (1 год)

From my experience DeWalt and Hilti are the best screwguns, Ridgid leaves a

lot of hangers. And one thing I noticed was you went clockwise while

routering, go counter-clockwise and the bit rides right around the can

light or box. A tip for your partner, KEEP YOUR FINGERS OUT OF THE WAY OF

Автор Kola Fadeyi (1 год)

Автор BasementFinishingMan (11 месяцев)

Hey Andrew! Thanks for stopping by our basement finishing channel. Yeah we

use wood for most residential construction. The pencil lines I spoke about

are for » Noobies» because that’s ultimately who will be watching these

videos in an attempt to learn basic drywall skills. Most pros don’t need

lines because we’ve been doing this for years, but most homeowners will

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