How to Install an Overhead Light Fixture Ron Hazelton Online DIY Ideas & Projects

How to Install an Overhead Light Fixture  Ron Hazelton Online  DIY Ideas & Projects

How to Install an Overhead Light Fixture

Video Transcript

RON HAZELTON: In the late 1800s, the town of Monument Beach, Massachusetts, was President Grover Clevelands summer White House. And on Sunday mornings, he could be found in a chapel just a short walk from the Cape Cod Canal. But while President Cleveland is now a chapter in American history, the chapel is now home to the McClung family.

RON HAZELTON: Hi, Pam. How are you?

PAM MCCLUNG: Good. How are you?

RON HAZELTON: Very good. Nice to meet you.

PAM MCCLUNG: Its good to meet you.

RON HAZELTON: How long have you lived here?

PAM MCCLUNG: About two months.

RON HAZELTON: Two months?


RON HAZELTON: I think the house is a little older than that, though, right?

PAM MCCLUNG: Yes, it is.

RON HAZELTON: Can you illuminate me as to the project for the day?

PAM MCCLUNG: I sure can. Come to the dining room. Ron, this is the light that I want to replace.

RON HAZELTON: Ah, so thisll be your first electrical job?

PAM MCCLUNG: Yes, it will be.

RON HAZELTON: OK, OK, Ill give you a hand with it. Now, this room looks like youve been doing some work in here already. Youve got some border up here and some — OK, and miscut — this wallpaper down heres a little short.

PAM MCCLUNG: Actually, Im going to put a chair rail on there.

RON HAZELTON: Oh, OK. (LAUGHTER) Alright. Well, I can see why you want to put a new fixture in here, though, because youre sort of pulling the room together. This would add a nice touch. Lets start by taking the furniture out and then well go ahead and take the old one down.



PAM MCCLUNG: Thank you.

RON HAZELTON: This is a fiberglass ladder right here. Wood would also be OK, but avoid metal ladders when youre working on electricity.


RON HAZELTON: Secondly, weve got to make sure that the power is off up here before we start working. Now, you might think we could just walk over here to the switch and throw it off. Indeed, the light will go out, but its still possible to have electricity up there. So, I want to go to your circuit breaker or your fuse box and turn the power off there, at the source. OK?


RON HAZELTON: Can you show me where that is?

PAM MCCLUNG: Sure. Its downstairs. Well, here it is.

RON HAZELTON: OK, well this is a new circuit breaker panel. These are like switches that would shut off electricity if there was a problem. What I want you to do is to start up here at the top and start flicking these to the off position, and then back on, like this.


RON HAZELTON: And when you get to the one that controls the light, the light will go out. Ill signal, Ill knock on the floor.




RON HAZELTON: (KNOCKING) OK, Pam. Good. (KNOCKING) Leave it off. OK, Pam, start by taking the globe off. There are some finger nuts there. You see them, right around the rim? Now, Pam, take this tester and put it up in the socket, like that. OK. Now, if there had been power up there, wed have gotten something like this. To take the fixture down, grab the tube with your left hand. OK, then reach up above with your right hand — that little ring right there. Right, unscrew it. May have to wiggle it a little bit to get it loose. Is it turning? Yes, keep wiggling the shaft, the tube there doesnt want to go. Itll eventually loosen up. There you go. Keep going till that cone drops down. Excellent.


How to Install an Overhead Light Fixture  Ron Hazelton Online  DIY Ideas & Projects

RON HAZELTON: Excellent. Let it come all the way down. OK, take the tester again, Pam. I want you to touch that to all the wires — the end of it — all the wires up there. Just go ahead and move it around, move it around. Alright, once again, confirming that theres no current up there. OK? Now, most light fixtures are connected with two wires. Heres one right here, and heres one right over here. OK? So, first of all, lets disconnect this wire nut. Just unscrew it.


RON HAZELTON: OK. The wires are kind of twisted together. And untwist them, just pull it apart. Ill do this one over here. Pull the wire apart, yeah. There you go. There we go. OK, now were disconnected. Now, this particular fixture is just held up here on a- with a threaded rod, which well just turn like this, and the whole- there we go. So thats the end of our old fixture. OK? Again, take your wire nut and just temporarily, just place it back on the ends there. Pull out those two screws that hold that strap or bracket in place. You see them?


RON HAZELTON: They attach it to the box, right.



PAM MCCLUNG: There we go.

RON HAZELTON: Excellent. Ive replaced the old mounting strap with a new one that was packaged with the new fixture. Ill also attach a new copper ground wire to the mounting strap. Good. OK, Pam, why dont you bring the new fixture over? Were going to start to wire this up. Ill do the first couple of things here, and then Ill turn it back over to you. OK?


RON HAZELTON: Lets thread the wires through this trim plate right here, and then also through this threaded nipple. Then, we hook them up here, take the ends of these wires, and push them through the hole in that bracket. Next, we want to screw this threaded nipple into the hole in the center of the plate or mounting bracket here, just like that. Here we go. Now, its time to really make our connections here. Well connect the electrical supply wires on the new fixture to the wires coming from the ceiling box by twisting them together and then screwing on insulated wire nuts. Wire nuts come in different sizes, indicated by their color. The orange size is what we need for this job. Green wire nuts are used for ground wires. Pam secures the trim plate to the ceiling using a decorative screw eye that attaches to the threaded nipple in the mounting strap. Then, she hooks an open chain link into the eye, attaches the rest of the chain to the open link, and voila — the new fixture is up.


RON HAZELTON: OK. There we go. Time for the finishing touches. First of all.


RON HAZELTON: Well, its time to test out our work here, just in case — OK. A little supplementary light. So why dont you go over here and flip on the switch and see what.


RON HAZELTON. weve got here. OK! Oh, I like that. I like the fixture very, very much.

PAM MCCLUNG: Beautiful.

RON HAZELTON: Its a nice choice for this room

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