Radiant In Ceiling Heating for Energy Efficient Wrap Around Warmth

Radiant In Ceiling Heating for Energy Efficient Wrap Around Warmth

Radiant In Ceiling Heating

Features and Benefits of Radiant Ceiling Heating

Ceiling Heating Elements being Installed

  • Luxurious, reliable, healthy heating that you can feel but not see or touch
  • Extremely effective, economical heating system being comfortable in every corner of the room
  • Premium heating elements made in France with a 10 year warranty
  • Radiant In Ceiling Heating for Energy Efficient Wrap Around Warmth
  • Silent, safe and space saving
  • No draughts, hot or cold spots or dry stuffy room air
  • Virtually maintenance free, as there are no moving parts to wear out
  • Convenient fully programmable, energy efficient thermostatic control
  • Affordable installation and  once in a lifetime investment

Why Radiant Ceiling Heating so Effective and Energy Efficient

  • Radiant heat works by heating objects in a room which are often down low near us
  • These objects store the heat and in turn heat the air using the same principles as the sun
  • As they become hotter than the surrounding air radiant heat loss from our bodies is prevented
  • Because of the even heat distribution and no circulating air to create drafts you will be comfortable at thermostat settings of around 22 0 C
  • To achieve similar comfort using other heating systems such as air conditioning the thermostat would need to be 3-4 0 C higher, this leads to energy saving of at least 18-24%
  • The most energy efficient way to heat your home is on room by room basis which you are able to do with floor heating
  • 100% efficient as all the energy used is converted to heating
  • No energy is wasted or chance of breakdown by heat by fans, ducting and moving parts
  • Absence of air movement helps maintain body temperature
  • Ceiling heating consists of thermostatically controlled, low wattage heating elements which are installed on top of the ceiling, under the insulation
  • Thermostatic cycling and zoning achieve high levels of temperature control and reduce electricity costs by up save up to 50%
  • The elements gently heat the plasterboard which in turn heats all the surfaces in a room, which radiate heat to gently and uniformly raise the temperature and warm the room evenly right down to the floor
  • Your ceiling literally becomes the heating system

To save energy and reduce heating and cooling costs always aim to have good passive design and adequate insulation. You may also like to refer to our tips on energy saving .

Beat the soaring electricity prices and save power by combining radiant ceiling heating with our whole house fan cooling system for an energy efficient, healthy and environmentally friendly alternative to reverse cycle air conditioning.


I cannot understand why more people are not aware of ceiling heating as it is fantastic. I am certainly spreading the word after having it installed by Low Energy Living 6 months ago.  I have it programmed to come on half an hour before I get up in the mornings and it silently heats my home so when I get up I feel warm and cosy. I don’t need it on for long as it takes a while to cool down again. In the afternoons it comes on before I return from work so I walk into a welcoming, beautifully heated home.

I was a little unsure about going ahead with ceiling heating as I had never heard of it before, but after my meeting with Tim who recommended it for our home I decided to go ahead. It has proved to have been one of the best products I have had installed during our renovation!!  The rooms where it is installed heat up perfectly and there are no cold spots. Having the fully programmed thermostats makes life so easy and my power bills are very manageable. I would highly recommend this from of heating to anyone.

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