TheDesignFile A porch redo for under $300

TheDesignFile A porch redo for under $300

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A porch redo for under $300

With the help of some good girlfriends, I recently finished redecorating our enclosed porch, which serves as a sort of entryway for our house, a great spot to read a book and an overflow space at Thanksgiving and other gatherings. (And my kitty, Emmy, whom you can see in some of the photos later in the post, thinks the room is all hers!)

At right, you can see the results, which I managed for just under $300 largely by using furniture I already had. Today, Im going to show you some photos and go over the basics. Then tomorrow, Im going to share some of the specific ways I saved a lot of money in this space.

Below at right, you can see the before.

Shortly after I purchased my little brick house 12 years ago, my wonderful mom helped me decorate the porch. We painted it yellow and she brought me the cute little settee and coffee table you can see in the photo. She also made slip covers for a couple white plastic chairs using a navy and natural ticking fabric along with a slew of cute, coordinating pillows and cushions. She did such a great job that it even distracted from the awful, worn green carpeting a previous owner had installed.

The finished room really looked cute and we used it a lot, especially when we had company. In the photo above, the room is actually set up for Thanksgiving, with a big coffee pot, mugs and other drinks. Theres also a rocker in the photo that is usually in the living room. Naturally, I forgot to take a typical before photo and was stuck with this one.

But after a dozen years I was ready for a change. The country/cottage feeling of the furnishings didnt fit my aesthetic anymore and I wanted to replace the ceiling fan with a light fixture.

So in May, I embarked on a mission to redecorate the porch without breaking the bank, and then during a recent girls weekend, my friends helped me put the room together.

Read on for details and more photos:

My husband replaced the green rug with a combination of a more neutral carpet and some linoleum (which you cant see) that sits right inside the porch door. He also took down the ceiling fan.

I went shopping inside and outside my home for ideas about how to get started. Finally, I picked a red pillow with a circles pattern from Target to serve as a sort of inspiration piece.

Then I bought a great, off-white chair with a retro feel that I hoped would serve as focal point in the space. But my husband liked the chair so much he insisted we put it in the living room! So a wooden chair from the living room (which wed bought six years ago for just $100 from Walmart) came out to the porch.

I covered one of those round, particle board tables with an affordable, neutral table cloth. Then I cut a piece of this gorgeous, green fabric I found on sale at Joann over the top to give it a little pop. I brought a couple of folding chairs up from the basement to sit on either side of the round table. My woodworkng husband had built the chairs before we were married and we usually only used them when we had parties. But theyre way too pretty to keep in the basement so this seemed like a perfect place for them.

I added an antique, wooden office chair that had been in my grandpas printing shop. Although it had always been important to me, it had recently been moved to storage in the basement as well.

Then, my husband rewired an old IKEA chandelier so I had enough cord to swag it over the table. I added curtains (which I adore!), a little stool/side table and a fan and now Ive got a redecorated porch. Its a perfect place for watching a storm go by or reading the newspaper and the cat thinks its wonderful!

Tune in tomorrow for a few more details about how I saved a ton of money on the room!

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