Tray Ceiling Designs

Tray Ceiling Designs

Tray Ceiling Designs

Home interiors require skill and creativity to make them look presentable. Like walls and the floor, ceilings also need to be designed in aesthetic ways. There are various types of ceilings which are well-known for their looks and durability. Ceilings along with their lighting arrangements can make the room look stylish and illuminated. One of the most commonly used ceiling designs which are neutral for any type of homes, and can be matched with any interiors is the tray ceiling. This type of ceiling is called so, because the way they are built is like an inverted tray with desired steps and shapes. After the main structure of the ceiling is made, it is decorated with various additions like moldings, paint ideas, chandeliers, etc. to improve the finished product. In the paragraphs mentioned below, you can find some attractive tray ceiling designs and a few elements used to decorate it. So pick your favorite ideas!

Ideas to Choose From

The ceilings usually look the exact opposite of drop ceilings, as the tray is made a few inches above the original ceiling. Depending on personal choice and the height of the main ceiling, you can decide the width between the steps. There are different ways of decorating ceiling when the main ceiling is made. This can be done with the help of some design elements such as color, light, glass, moldings, etc. The lighting arrangements can be made attractive depending on unique designs included to give a classic touch to the room. To help you with these decoration ideas, we have put together a few points that could be considered while designing the ceilings.


The first point which is to be considered while coming up with unique and attractive ceilings is the shape. As mentioned above, the ceilings look exactly like inverted trays with any desirable depth and number of steps. The designs are usually used for square or rectangular rooms, but you can incorporate them in circular rooms as well. Other shapes in which these ceiling designs look the best, are pentagonal, hexagonal, heptagonal, etc. Even if you have square or rectangular rooms, you can incorporate other shapes with these ceilings to add versatility to the ceiling.


You cannot have tray ceilings without steps in them. Steps are the two or more layers in this ceiling which are built in the upward direction as the ceilings are above the original ceiling. When you decide to make a ceiling, you have to choose at least one step to make the ceiling look like a tray. Additional steps such as 2 to 4 can be used as an aesthetic incorporation. Therefore, if the original ceiling is 8 ft high, the steps can be either 8’6» or 9′ higher. The difference between the main ceiling and these steps in known as the depth or width of the ceiling and is also used to add designs to the ceilings.


Tray Ceiling Designs

As briefed above, the difference between the main ceiling and the additional layers or steps is called the depth. This distance can be made larger depending on personal choice. However, one good reason to keep this distance large is to add some decorative elements to the ceilings. If you don’t wish to overcrowd the ceiling, painting this area, with the same color as the walls, would look perfect. But if there is nothing other than an elegant chandelier or a fan hanging from the center of the ceiling, I would suggest making an attractive addition. One option is block glass sections with ceiling lights, crown molding tiles or coffer sections. These will surely give the ceiling something appreciable to look at.

Crown Molding

The last but not the least are crown moldings which are a must for these ceilings. This is because they divide the main ceiling from the steps and also section out the individual steps from each other. They are usually wooden and color coordinated to blend with the ceiling and wall paint colors. If you have a light background, using brown or black moldings would look great and if the walls are dark, white moldings are perfect. Crown moldings are available in various designs as well, so you can choose the ones that suit your ceiling the best. Make sure you don’t overdo the moldings, as that can take the elegance away from the finished product too.

With these great designs, you can make your rooms look brilliantly stylish and classy. These ceilings are not an expensive choice, therefore, surely think about installing them to make your home more attractive.

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