What Is a Bamboo Ceiling eHow

What Is a Bamboo Ceiling eHow


A bamboo ceiling is like a glass ceiling in the professional world. It keeps employees from ascending in a company, moving up into positions of authority, like management and executive roles. Bamboo is an inherently Asian product, and so the term «bamboo ceiling» was coined to describe the struggle that Asian-Americans can have in winning promotions or entering competitive industries.

Business Issues

On the business side, bamboo ceilings are created by preconceived biases that separate Asian-Americans into a particular talent group and leave them there. Generalizations state that they are good at math and following orders, but do not often possess skills that company leaders require, according to the journal «Science» of May 2009. Rather than looking at employees on a case-by-case basis, businesses may accept these generalities. There is much less discussion regarding the treatment of Asian-Americans in the workforce than other minorities.

Asian-American Issues

Many Asian-Americans—especially those who are connected to various Asian cultures—are raised with values of piety, respect, communal decision making, and suppression of feelings until appropriate moments. Unfortunately, these values are often at odds with American businesses and promotional methods, where aggressiveness and confidence tend to win positions.

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What Is a Bamboo Ceiling eHow

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