4X-efficient Keppe Motor ceiling fan to be featured at China Sourcing Fair

4x-efficient Keppe Motor ceiling fan to be featured at China Sourcing Fair

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The Keppe Motor group in Brazil has achieved perhaps their most significant milestone thus far by having a company in China showcase their motor embodied in a ceiling fan at the China Sourcing Fair in Sao Paulo starting this weekend, September 8-10. They have named it the Keppe Motor UNIVERSE Ceiling Fan.

4x Results

The Chinese company tested the Keppe motor ceiling fan compared to the most efficient conventional ceiling fans of this kind presently on the market (as far as they are aware), and found that it is up to 4 times more efficient, consuming only 10 Watts at 250 RPM. And according to a Keppe Motor announcement (below ), the fan produces a superior cooling breeze due to its high efficiency which makes the motor work close to the ambient temperature and also due to its exclusive and aerodynamic fan blades.

Bear in mind that 250 RPM is quite fast — much faster than what most of us in the United States are used to from our ceiling fans, where we used them for air circulation, not for cooling, which comes from air conditioners.

Chinese Muscle Power

Because of these amazing results, the Chinese company will be promoting this Keppe motor product in many Expos to come to sell them worldwide, according to Dr. Claudia Pacheco. who is the founder and president of the STOP the Destruction of the World Association, which gave birth to the Keppe motor.

They will be able to manufacture 500,000 fans per month, starting with 100,000 per month. They plan to ship the first containers in November, so they will arrive on December 15 in Brazil.

They presently sell to a majority of the ceiling fan market in the United States.

Replacement Next

This motor, for now, is specific to this particular model; but in the future, the same motor design can be used to replace the motors in existing ceiling fans.

Spiritual Tie-in

I spoke yesterday with Dr. Claudia, as she is affectionately called by her friends and peers — they being both in most cases. She is pleased about this milestone, and has long envisioned the Keppe motor showing the world that there is a very significant way to improve technology by being willing to fundamentally redesign things in a way that is in harmony with nature, which is what gave rise to the Keppe motor.

STOP has been changing lives through their Trilogical Analysis for nearly five decades. I have seen the results of their work by visiting their group in Brazil twice now, coming away deeply impressed each time. Now they are at the beginning stages of changing technology through their work of turning what is up-side-down, right side up.

They are convinced that the principles of Trilogy can be applied to all things to produce better outcomes. While I was there last time, I saw evidence of how they turned a grade school around. And they continue to turn an entire town around in Cambuquira, where they are manufacturing the smaller Keppe motor fans and where they have a hotel that they purchased and rejuvenated.

Transitional Technology

While we at PES, in the past few years, usually focus on exotic free energy technologies, we see the Keppe motor as an ideal transitional technology, because in its present embodiment, it looks like a motor, and performs like a very efficient and powerful motor, so it can be implemented readily without the psychological baggage of being overunity, which puts things in an entirely different mindset for people. But at the same time, it is likely that the reason it is so efficient is because it is actually harvesting energy from the wheelwork of nature (one of the co-inventors, Cesar Soos compares it to a heartbeat), to give it a boost, which looks like efficiency, but may actually be generator-like in nature.

Dr. Claudia said that the Chinese company has been very pragmatic, wanting practical results, and not really interested in the question of whether or not these motors are tapping into energy from the vacuum or some other exotic modality. But it seems to me that when you improve nearly 4x over an already efficient competition technology, it’s likely that you’re actually producing more energy output than the electricity being input to the system. So while the ceiling fan is pulling 10 Watts from the wall, it may be pulling some from the wheelwork of nature in order to achieve the work and performance that it does. It just doesn’t make sense that that much output could be produced from a mere 10 Watt input; yet it is, as measured by this very professional company wanting to satisfy customers and make money. I’m glad they are not tripped up mentally by the question of how that much energy could be manifest by drawing just 10 Watts from the wall.

[The people in the comments are saying that conventional ceiling fans are very inefficient as a matter of cost, so it is plausible that the best competitors are less than 25% efficient. The Keppe motor is rated at 90% efficient.]

Dr. Claudia said she is hopeful that this vindication in the marketplace by the Keppe Motor UNIVERSE Ceiling Fan will also make things easier for other breakthrough technologies presently emerging. She also said that fairly soon they are going to be looking a combining the Keppe motor technology with other conventional and exotic free energy technologies, such as hydro and LENR. The Keppe researchers are also going to be looking at the possibility that magnet motors might play a role in correcting radioactivity pollution. The scientific model of Dr. Keppe, which gave rise to the Keppe motor, predicts that this will be the case. Magnetic fields have the tendency to correct the energetic pollution of the environment, Dr. Claudia said.

So, if you’re interested in wholesaling with this company, be sure to attend one of the upcoming China Sourcing Fairs.

Motor Specs

September 8 Update

The Keppe Motor group has published a new website for the motor, which includes a ceiling fan specifications page.


Here is the announcement that I received by email yesterday from the Keppe motor group: (slightly edited)

The Keppe Pacheco Institute of Science and Technology in association with the STOP the Destruction of the World Project, is very pleased to invite you to the official launch of the first product employing the sustainable technology of the New Physics.

Introducing: The Keppe Motor UNIVERSE Ceiling Fan.

Our booth at the China Sourcing Fair has all the information about this extraordinary green technology. Our ceiling fan is the most economical fan on the world market today, consuming only 10 Watts at 250 RPM. This fan has an efficiency superior to the ISO 50001:2011 Standard.

Compared to the best brushless motors on the market, the Keppe Motor UNIVERSE is 70% more economical at high speeds and produces a superior cooling breeze due to its exclusive and aerodynamic fan blades.

Economical, ecological and featuring leading edge technology, the UNIVERSE ushers in a new world.

Come and explore a true eco-technological revolution.

Where. China Sourcing Fair – Centro de Exposiзхes Imigrantes – Booth 1J44

Address. Rodovia dos Imigrantes, Sao Paulo — SP — Brazil – KM 1.5

When. September 8 – 9, 2013 from 11:30 am – 6:30 pm,

and September 10, 2013 from 11:30 am – 5:00 pm.

Registration. September 8 – 9, 2013 10:30 am – 6:00 pm,

and September 10, 2013 11:00 am – 4:30pm.

We’re looking forward to meeting you and introducing you to the Keppe Motor Universe Ceiling Fan. We’re open for business!

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