Ceiling design ideas for a beautiful home

Ceiling design ideas for a beautiful home

Ceiling design ideas for a beautiful home

The first thing you see when you wake up every morning is the ceiling in your bedroom. And yet, most of homes feature ceilings that are painfully bland and usually dust-laden. Here are a few ideas to spruce up the ‘fifth wall’ of your room. You can try these out any time, be it while redecorating your interiors or moving in to an entirely new place.

First Things First

Dust the ceiling regularly to keep it clean. Cobwebs in the corners do nothing for your home décor, really. All you need is a broom with a long handle – a little swish here and there, and your ceilings will look brighter than ever. For those fortunate enough to have help at hand, the task is even simpler. And do make sure the blades of the ceiling fan aren’t terribly dirty.

Interesting ceilings lights go a long way toward making a room look more cheerful. If you are inclined towards the ornamental, a chandelier, or even a mini-chandelier, might work very well for you. For the more moderate ones out there, overhead lights are the perfect means of setting the mood in the room.

This will be the main source of light in your room and will also save your walls from looking cluttered. These are usually flush-mounted, recessed or pendent-shaped and available in a variety of different styles. You could also consider using a decorative wall sconce to add a touch of elegance.

A touch of colour

Even with brilliant lighting, your ceiling might still look drab. What you could consider is putting a fresh coat of paint on that ‘fifth wall’. This is especially important for those of you that live in old houses. Fixing the plaster and a fresh coat of paint also prevents water damage to the walls. Painting the ceiling in a pale, neutral shade makes the room look much more capacious and is easy on the eyes as well.

Playing it false

Try using a suspended ceiling or a false ceiling to give the room a new look. This is a removable panel that you can also use to change the dimensions of your room from a square or rectangular box to any other shape. The suspended ceiling allows for a degree of acoustic balance in the room and can also be used to conceal ugly things like over-head wiring and water marks. You can also install lights along the edges of the false ceiling but make sure that these are fixed firmly. A word of advice though, this is probably not the best idea for rooms which already have low ceilings.

Mold it right

Ceiling moldings are a great way to customise your ceiling décor according to your own preference. This is a great solution if you are not too keen on painting the ceiling. You can also get moldings that contrast with the wall paint to achieve a vibrant and colourful effect. The most popular type of moldings is the crown molding, although you can personalise your room by adding a decorative one instead. Inexpensive and easily obtainable, they add considerable charm to the room.

Kiddie Corner

When it comes to the children’s rooms most of us like to put a lot of thought into the décor. Children often get scared sleeping alone in the room and decorative decals or glow-in-the-dark ceiling stickers make them feel more comfortable. These ceiling designs come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours and make bedtime far more interesting for the kids.

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