Choosing the Right Ceiling Clouds Funofart

Choosing the Right Ceiling Clouds Funofart

Choosing the Right Ceiling Clouds

Acousticians and architects have long been aware of the benefits of ceilings that are complexly shaped. Such ceilings can control the reflection, distribution and diffusion of sounds, and they can also enhance visual aesthetics. Instead of installing an oddly-shaped ceiling, building and home owners can achieve the same level of acoustic sound control with the use of ceiling clouds.

What are Ceiling Clouds?

Ceiling clouds are panels that are suspended from a ceiling to absorb sound and reduce noise, and they have been in existence for decades. Older panels did not have the necessary mass and rigidity to provide effective broad band sound reflection. They were also mostly too expensive, and they came with limited shape and finish options. Now, it is possible for you to find ceiling clouds of almost any size, shape or color at reasonable prices, and these new ceiling clouds are rigid enough to support low frequencies. Click here to learn more about the benefits of ceiling clouds.

Types of Ceiling Clouds

A type of ceiling clouds that can absorb sound effectively in a particular room may not provide the same results in another. As such, it is important for you to understand the various ceiling cloud options that are available. so you can choose a type that meets your needs and preferences. There are basically three kinds of ceiling clouds, and they are reflector ceiling clouds, curved reflective ceiling clouds and curved absorptive ceiling clouds

Reflector Ceiling Clouds

Reflector ceiling clouds are flat and hinged panels that are specially designed for use in auditoriums and theaters, and they use tunable reflection to achieve optimal sound quality. The core of a reflector ceiling cloud is usually made of plywood, and it may be backed with glass fiber that is dimensionally stable. Finishes are applied over the entire face and side edges of the panel. Reflector ceiling clouds come in different sizes and thicknesses to suit different needs.

Curved Reflective Ceiling Clouds

As their name suggests, curved reflective ceiling clouds are curved panels, and they are suitable for commercial applications that require highly effective sound reflection and great aesthetic appeal. These panels have an external metal frame that features an optimal curvature for demanding applications, such as when they are positioned next to one another. They are also made of plywood, and they are wrapped with a high quality fabric. They can be finished with a gel coating, or lined with fiberglass or painted black for better sound absorption.

Curved Absorptive Ceiling Clouds

Curved absorptive ceiling clouds are similar to curved reflective ceiling clouds, except that they can come with an internal frame. Panels with an internal frame have molded fiberglass on all surfaces, and they can be entirely covered with fabric. These ceiling clouds are very visually appealing and have excellent sound absorption capability, and they are also widely used in commercial applications.

Due to their effective functionality and dramatic aesthetic, ceiling clouds are gaining popularity around the world. They are an excellent ceiling option for creating a contemporary look in buildings, workplaces and homes. Click here to find out why ceiling clouds are increasingly being used in workplaces.

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