DIY Wedding Centerpieces Ideas Diy wedding ideas How to make a easy chandelier

DIY Wedding Centerpieces Ideas Diy wedding ideas How to make a easy chandelier

DIY Wedding Centerpieces Ideas

Doily Chandelier

A bunch of simple paper doilies can combine to create an elegant table chandelier for guest table centerpieces. Use 4-inch paper doilies, white yarn or string and a wreath form purchased from the craft store. Fold each paper doily in half twice individually showing only 1/4 of the paper doily. Unfold it and scrunch it up a little bit to make it appear as a flower. String the center of the doilies onto a piece of white yarn between 12 and 16-inches in length. Vary the yarn strings when tying onto the wreath form to display a white, seaweed looking chandelier for table centerpieces. Use thumb tacks—with permission from the banquet manager—to adhere the lightweight decorations to the ceiling above each table.

Branch and Leaf Centerpiece

For use in long, rectangluar banquet tables, cut and sand a 6-foot long 4-by-4-inch pine fence post. Stain the board in a preferred wood color using either colored wood stain to match the wedding color scheme or a more natural wood appearance. Drill 1/8-inch holes every 6-inches along the board alternating to the left and the right of one side of the post. Gather leaf branches that have fallen from a tree or use the scraps when pruning your bushes and spray paint them in metallic silver or gold. When completely dry, push the twig stems into the predrilled holes for a do-it-yourself version of an elongated table display.

The craft can be adapted to round banquet tables by using different-sized stool seats purchased at a home improvement store. Sand and stain the thick wood rounds. Adhere the seats together in a tiered formation with sturdy wood glue. Drill the 1/8-inch holes in an ring toward the edges of each round and create a towered naturalistic centerpiece with the spray painted branches.

Winter Wedding

When planning a cold weather wedding reception, use holiday or seasonal-themed decor for the table’s center. Arrange 3-inch wide white and blue candles among metallic blue tinsel garland. Spray paint everyday pine cones with metallic silver spray paint and insert among the tinsel along with a few shiny blue round ornaments.

Pine trees decorated in a holiday theme can make a spirited centerpiece. Adorn the faux or real miniature pine tree in a pot or stand with colorful ornaments, tinsel garland, mini-candy canes and a small star on top. Using tinsel strands is not recommended to avoid getting the decor into guests’ food. Nestle small present boxes with gift tags displaying guest names seated at that specific table. Insert the guest favors into each of the gift boxes. In lieu of the star, display the table number on the tree’s top.

DIY Wedding Centerpieces Ideas Diy wedding ideas How to make a easy chandelier

Nature’s Miracle

In planning an autumn wedding with natural earth tone colors, use a well-sanded piece of tree trunk as a centerpiece idea. Contact your local tree service to ask for free or cheap trunk pieces. Sand each piece to avoid guests getting splinters from your decorative idea. Use a woodworker’s carving tool to decorate the trunk with the bride’s and groom’s initials surrounded by a carved heart. Lay a floral arrangement or cascading ivy on the top of the tree trunk and if the wooden piece has any cut branch stubs, attach votive candle holders to each with a hot glue gun. Use LED tea light candles to avoid the dangers if one candle were to fall.

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