Frequently Asked Questions about antique ceiling and desk fans — Vintage Fans, L.L.C.

Frequently Asked Questions about antique ceiling and desk fans - Vintage Fans, L.L.C.

Frequently Asked Questions

We appreciate every one who visits our web site and often we are contacted to answer various questions pertaining to antique and vintage electric fans. We love to hear from people excited about using professionally restored antique and vintage electric fans in their homes and work environments. To better serve our visitors, we have created the FAQ area of our web site to quickly provide answers to our most commonly asked questions. Please feel free to contact us if you have a question that is not listed in this quick reference guide. We will continue to strive to reply to each question we receive in a timely matter, but as always, the quickest way to reach us is to call 817-431-6647. Thank you for your interest in antique and vintage electric fans and our web site.

1. HOW MUCH IS MY ANTIQUE ELECTRIC FAN WORTH? We do not do appraisals. Antique and vintage electric fans have multiple variables that affect their value. Condition, age, manufacturer, and desirability are all factors that affect a vintage or antique electric fans value. On top of that, there is always an un-restored value, the actual restoration cost and then finally a fully restored value involved with antique and vintage ceiling and desk fans. Because the as-is value is always changing and nearly impossible to keep up with we recommend consulting on-line auctions or a price guide to determine a fan’s un-restored value. We leave it up to our clients to determine if their particular vintage electric fan warrants the expense required to professionally restore it to a premier quality functional showpiece. Many times, especially on later model desk fans, we have recommended that unless a particular fan hadtremendous sentimental value (i.e. Granddads fan etc.) it might better serve them to save their money. We are always glad to lend advice when needed and will be happy to assist our visitors in finding the right fan for a particular need.

2. WHAT ARE THE PRICES ? All of our restored fans are custom restored to order and the prices vary depending upon the model, finish desired, options (lightiing, request for original blades) and the customer’s installation specifications. If you locate an antique or vintage fan in our gallery or inventory that you would like a quote on, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you. We sell our desk and pedestal fans in various states from unrestored to fully restored.

3. HOW MUCH DOES VINTAGE FANS, L.L.C. REQUIRE ON A DEPOSIT AND IS IT REFUNDABLE? Our policy regarding restorations is that our clients send us a deposit of 1/2 down to proceed with any restoration and secure a it’s place on our restoration log. Once the deposit is received, the item is marked, considered sold, and placed in line for restoration. Upon the completion of the restoration, the remaining balance is then required before shipment.If a client should decide to back out of the purchase for any reason, the 1/2 deposit is non-refundable. If the fan in question was sent to us for restoration (not originally out of our un-restored inventory), the owner of that fan is responsible for all expenses required to return the fan to them. Once the fan restoration or repair is completed and we have notified the client that the job is complete and invoiced payment is due immediately. Failure to pay the invoiced bill within 30 days of notification will result in the fan(s), motor(s) or part(s) being forfeited to Vintage Fans, L.L.C. becoming the property of Vintage Fans, L.L.C. and available for immediate sale or deposal to settle the debt of the invoiced bill owed to Vintage Fans, L.L.C.

3. WHICH FORMS OF PAYMENT DOES VINTAGE FANS, L.L.C. ACCEPT? We accept personal checks, business checks, money orders and cashiers checks all in U.S. currency. We also accept Master Card, Visa, and PayPal .

4. DOES VINTAGE FANS, L.L.C. PURCHASE VINTAGE AND ANTIQUE ELECTRIC FANS OR PARTS? Yes, we do purchase vintage and antique electric fans and parts. but we are very selective about what we purchase for our un-restored inventory. We also purchase collector grade early electric ceiling and desk fans for our collection display. If you think you have an antique or vintage ceiling or desk fan that might interest us, please contact us with the price, motor tag information, and if possible, send a photo or digital image of the fan or parts to us. Our phone number is 817-431-6647. Emails and digital images can be sent to and photos can be mailed to us at:

Vintage Fans, L.L.C.

P.O. Box 57

Keller, Texas 76244-0057

5. DOES VINTAGE FANS, L.L.C. SELL PARTS? Yes we do. While we reserve many of our original parts to complete our restorations, we do sell some duplicate parts. If you need a part, please contact us and we will gladly check our inventory to see if we can assist you .

Frequently Asked Questions about antique ceiling and desk fans - Vintage Fans, L.L.C.

6. DOES VINTAGE FANS, L.L.C. SELL CLOTH WRAPPED WIRE? New replacement cloth wrapped wire can be purchased at one of our link partners As we mention in our restoration process explanation, original cloth wrapped wiring always needs to be replaced because the rubber jacket deteriorates with age.


Yes, Vintage Fans, L.L.C. ships all over the United States. Antique and vintage ceiling and desk fans can be easily destroyed if they are not properly packed. Our packing and shipping company professionally packs and ships our fans all over the U.S.A. so our fans arrive to your home or business in the pristine condition that they left us.

8. ARE VINTAGE AND ANTIQUE ELECTRIC FANS FUNCTIONAL OR ARE THEY JUST DECORATING ITEMS? The answer to this question is that they are both functional and decorative. When properly restored, the majority of antique and vintage electric fans can be used as a functional design item to complement nearly any setting. Every antique and vintage electric fan that we restore or repair was manufactured in the United States, most of them from 1900-1950. Because most antique and vintage electric fans were expensive during their original production time, they were well made and built for longevity. Today, when professionally restored, these characteristics help make them functional antique appliances. Some of the earliest antique electric fans might use a different electrical frequency than we use today, while others are museum type examples and are an exception. We are especially excited to see antique and vintage electric fans used to complement a vintage home or building restoration. The fans that we restore are the ones that were originally used in these structures and we are delighted when they are incorporated in a period restoration.

9. DOES VINTAGE FANS, L.L.C -VINTAGEFANS.COM HAVE A WARRANTY ON THEIR FANS? We our proud to say our Warranty is the best in the business! We are so confident inthe quality of our work and the quality of our ancestor’s American made antique and vintage ceiling and desk fans that if youpurchase one of our fully restored (new rewind) standard fans ( ceiling, desk, or other types, including those with our Electrical/Mechanical restorations (new rewind), no service only units, no museum type collector fans, no rebuilt original motors, no unrestored units) and the motor fails (with the exception of an act of God, such as a storm, power surge from lightning Etc, or misuse such as lack of lubrication, required oiling, etc), we will repair it for life (labor and parts). as long as you, the original owner (or in the case of a commercial firm’s customer), own’s it. All rebuilt original motors carry a one year warranty standard. Because we value our customers, we will consider repairing or discounting any repair outside of our warranties on a case by case basis. We have a long track record of taking care of our clients and should you have a problem with your fan by Vintage Fans, L.L.C. please contact us so we can help. Vintage Fans, L.L.C. voids our warranty if misuse of the fan is detected, by our experts and we reserve the right to limit or cancel the warranty if for any reason we suspect the motor was misused, or the fan installed incorrectly, installed in an unsafe environment for an electric motor and or including lack of oil installation on our antique ceiling or desk fans. The fan motor or ceiling fan’s motor removal (from it’s installed location) and the shipment to us safely is the responsibility of the owner and is not covered under our warranty. This warranty does not cover a manufacturer’s wire warranty i.e. a cloth wrapped wire jacket needing replacement with age, motor or blade finish which naturally oxidizes over the years Etc. We value our customers and we do not believe that planned- obsolescence was in the best interest of America or American companies. When our fans were originally manufactured in America, they were the best on the market. They were expensive, but with proper care, they gave their owners a lifetime of service. Most manufacturers during the day limited their fans to 5 years. Our warranty beats their original warranty. so you can’t loose when you buy a antique or vintage ceiling or desk fan.

10. CAN VINTAGEFANS.COM SEND ME THE BOXES AND MATERIALS SO i CAN SHIP MY FAN TO THEIR FACILITY? Yes we can! Our packing company has all of the correct materials for you to ship your fan by FedEx. We can have them make up a package including boxes, peanuts, bubble wrap and instructions with a prepaid return label to our shop, so your fan can be shipped safely to us. Just call or email us and have a credit card ready to prepay for this service.

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