Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Parts

Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Parts

Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Parts

There are some Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan parts which are exclusively sold at The Home Depot. These parts include the blades and remote control. These Hampton Bay ceiling fan accessories are being sold separately. Hampton Bay hardly provides you anything with its fans. Any ways they are universal most of the time. Hence its good that they sell it separately as you can use them with Ceiling fan of any other brand. Read on to know the best Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Parts.

1. Hampton Bay Mix N Match White Bamboo 5 Blade Set

Do not forget to note down the model number to make sure you are purchasing the right product. Its model number is # FB002OD-WH .

It costs you just $39.99 .

They are made up of plastic with bamboo pattern .

Outdoor rated that means it is water resistance.

Reviews by its users

The customer rated it 3 on 5

By Madbug24 from Brunswick, GA: The description of these blades neglects to say that these are NOT universal blades. They only fit the housing unit that the description says they COORDINATE with. To me, coordinate means that they match, not that you have to use that particular housing unit. I ordered these blades to replace the ones on a fan I already had. They were old and I wanted to replace them with something that looked nicer than the regular replacement blades. These blades are really cute, even though they are plastic, but they are for outside so theyll hold up better. I was really disappointed because I really liked them. So, if you need the whole fan, I would recommend these blades, but just be aware that they are not universal blades.

Its model number is 80693 and cost $59.99. The cost is same as of Walnut finish.

Reviews may help you out to choose from Walnut or Vanilla.

By fan08 from Albuquerque: Okay, this is my second time trying to review this product. These blades are NOT universal and will NOT fit most fan arms. I went to great lengths to find the proper arms to fit these blades with no luck whatsoever. These blades are specific to a 1, 2, 3, step system from Hampton Bay fans ONLY. I had to find this out the hard way. Dont buy because youll just be returning them back like I did.

Other Ceiling Fans blades from Hampton Bay are:

4. Hampton Bay Combine & Design Antique Vanilla Finish Hand-carved Blades- Its price is same as other two blades above. Note the model number which is 80689.

5. Hampton Bay Combine & Design Walnut Finish Hand-carved Blades — Model number: 80636. Again the price is same.

There are several other blade designs. PLease visit The Home Depot.

Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Accessories

1. Hampton Bay Universal 3-Speed Wall Fan Control

Replace your wall switch with the universal 3-speed wall fan control. It is easy to install according to its customer.

Its model T1&R1

It uses 9-volt battery. You have to purchase the battery separately. It includes the transmitter.

You can use it to control ceiling fans, CFL or incandescent ceiling fan lights.

Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Parts

It can be operated either wired or by battery .

It is universal that you can use this to control ceiling fan of any brand.

It possesses 3 speeds and a light dimmer .

It costs you just $31.67 from The Home Depot.

This is one of the Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan parts. It is one of the best products by Hampton Bay. The remaining features are covered in the reviews by its customers. Read on.

Reviews by its users: The customer rated it 5 on 5

By Trev from Chicago, IL: We recently installed ceiling fans in two rooms where there were previously no lights on the ceilings at all. The process of getting power to the fan took a long time but we saved an amazing amount of time by not having to wire a switch to the fan using this great wireless device. The hardest part was getting the unit into the box in the wall due to the amount of wires and the size of the unit itself. We made it work and I love it though. I would recommend this to everyone!!


2. Hampton Bay Portable Ceiling Fan Remote Control

Its model number is T2&R1. It cost you just $32.47. It can be used with many other brands of Ceiling fans. It possesses 3 speeds and light dimmer. It uses 9 volt battery and 16 possible frequencies. You have to purchase it separately. Hampton Bay never provides it with Ceiling fans.

Remaining Hampton ceiling fans accessories are the variety of most beautiful light kits. All the above Hampton Bay Ceiling fan parts are easily available on The Home Depot. an American Departmental store on most reliable prices. Remember legit Hampton Bay ceiling fan parts are exclusively sold out at The Home Depot

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