How to Paint Stripes on a Wall — Decor Adventures

How to Paint Stripes on a Wall - Decor Adventures

How to Paint Stripes on a Wall

Posted on January 13, 2011 Written by Jessica 9 Comments

Im one of the crazy people who does a home improvement project the week of a major holiday. Yes, just a few days before Thanksgiving we decided to painted the guest room .It wasnt just solid, regular ole painting, it was stripes. Although I havent accessorized the room , I wanted to show you how to paint stripes on a wall.

First, figure out what kind of stripes youll be putting up. Vertical, horizontal, how wide, what colors.

I wanted to have wide horizontal stripes so I measured our rooms height (9 feet), subtracted the height of the baseboard (8 inches). I wanted gray at the top and bottom to contrast with the white ceiling, wood baseboard and so it would frame the room.

108 inch walls - 8 inch baseboards = 100 inches to work with

Since we wanted grey on the top and bottom, that meant an odd number of stripes. With the number of inches we had, that worked out to 7 stripes.

7 stripes into 100 = 14.25 inches each.

Now that quarter inch may not seem like a big deal, maybe round it up or down to 14 inches each, but then you have 1 stripe that is wider than the others and that was not the look I was going for. So 14.25 inches it was.

As I mentioned in the previous post about the stripes. I decided to use white and light gray since they were colors I had leftover and I wanted a neutral look to the room.

2. Paint one of the colors on the wall.   With this base color (white) I didnt have to trim the top or bottom of the room since I knew it was going to be in the other color (gray).

See no trimming! Just roll that stuff on! Well you have to trim in the corners and later with the second color, so dont get too excited.

3. After our first color (white) was dry we began measuring out the stripes. I did this with a good old fashioned yard stick and marked off on the wall 14.25 inches from the top of the baseboard and then another 14.25 inches above that mark. I did this all the way around the room with a pencil and measured up as far as I could reach before we got the ladder.

4. Ones your marks are on the wall, use the yardstick to mark a pencil line all the way around the room at the marks you just made. Here you are actually making the lines for the stripes.

There might be other ways to do this, like not draw the lines at all and just tape from mark to mark, but I didnt try that. I measured, drew the line then taped at the line.

5 . Then you tape. This is where my handy husband came in. As I was marking, he was taping.  I seriously recommend you get the wide tape. You need it for this project, spring for the wide tape.  We used 1 and a half rolls for this room.

Very important when you tape off the stripes, make sure you are taping on the correct side of the lines .Take a look at where you should be painting and tape on the correct side of the line so all your paint is in the correct side stripe. Check and check again that you have it correct.

Also, if you can try to tape just outside the pencil line so it will get covered up by the paint you are putting on.  If you cant do this, no problem, you can erase it later like I did.

Once you do this youll have what are some wider and narrower stripes, but this is OK because it means your stripes are taped correctly.

What number are we on? 6. Once all the tape is up,we painted the base color (white) onto the edges of the stripes where there was to go the second (gray) color. And we marked what stripes would be gray just so we didnt paint the wrong one.

See the white paint over parts of the tape below? This is to prevent the stripe color (gray) from bleeding through your tape mark. So basically you are putting on more of the base color (white) over where you just painted it but along the taped lines inside the stripe. Make sense?

7. After that paint dries,roll on your second color (gray is what we used). Here is where you think of kindergarten and you have to stay inside the lines while you color paint. Here is also where its helpful to have the wide tape because I dont know about you but Im a little loose with the roller sometimes and if you roll a little too far, youll go overboard.

See, overboard. Paint outside the lines = not what you want. Just wipe it off with a damp paper towel or paint over it with the other color once it is dry.

How to Paint Stripes on a Wall - Decor Adventures

8. Carefully peel away your tape and youll have perfect lines! We did this while the paint was wet. Some people wait until its dry but then your paint can stick and you dont want that.

9. If your walls are a little wonky your tape might not be perfectly on or next to the pencil line, but thats OK.  Just erase any stray pencil lines with your trusty, had-it-since-7th-grade snowman pencil eraser.

This project took almost a week because I let some paint dry overnight and went back to do the next steps the next day. Since Im a evening and weekend DIYer, sometimes I do quick steps over several nights.

Here is why I was so serious about taping the correct side of the line when you are at that part. Someone in our family, and there are only two of us and it wasnt me. taped the wrong side of the line. I still love him.

Turns out it was on the top strip because we left that one overnight cause we had to go get the ladder. So we came back the next day and apparently forgot how to do this and accidentally taped the wrong side of the tape. This will give you a stripe that is not the same size as the others. At first it didnt look bad since it was at the top but I couldnt just leave it the wrong size so we re taped.

To repaint this part I lightly sanded the edge of the paint line since it can create a slight bump. You can see the leftover from the sanding in this pic. See where its lighter gray and smudgy on the gray? Then I painted again with my base color, let that dry and finally rolled on the gray again.

This is a good photo to see the painting of the base color along the tape to prevent the bleeding.

This is not the greatest demo picture but here you can see what happens if you dont paint the base color over the edge of your tape. The color bleeds. Its worth the extra 10 minutes it will take you to get perfect lines.

Eventually, 9 steps later, youll have perfect stripes I promise

Any questions?  And as soon as I decorate this space, Ill be sure to show you the whole package! Im actually considering some accent colors. Any suggestions?

And let me know if you painted stripes or have a tutorial. Its probably much simpler than mine, send it over.

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