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Never fear the display

Growing up my mom knew exactly how to embarrass me the most. I remember too many times growing up (before I was old enough to venture a store by myself) that my mom got into an argument with a Wal-Mart associate over an item that was out of stock when in fact there was one in stock, the displaythat was my moms argument.

When I give tours of my new house I always point out display items I have, just because Im so proud of the good deals Ive gotten. People tend to chime in with you can ask for the display. What if they say no? Isnt that awkward?. Absolutely not! What in the world could be awkward about getting a $170 ceiling fan with a double globe from Lowes for $34?

The weekend after we closed on our house we were looking at Lowes for a ceiling fan for our bedroom, lo and behold they were clearing out inventory and had a good selection on clearance. An associate came by and asked if we needed help, and we did as we could not find any of the clearance fans on the shelves and neither could he, so after some checking with supervisors we were allowed to pick a display to take home, without a box (so what, its already assembled). The fan was marked down to $38 and they took another 10% off because it was the display. Thats a steal. Now I will say though that between the looking, then checking with management, then getting the fan off the ceiling it set us back about half an hour.

Its only one story of many, but its my best win so far and a really good ceiling fan, it has rubber washers where the fins attach to the mechanism and labeled pulls and it is silent no matter what speed it is on.

So really, whats awkward about getting a four star fan at a one star price? The worst thing an employee can tell you is No, Im sorry, but we really cant sell the displays. And if they say that check if it is labeled Display not for sale and if it isnt you can really raise a stink if it means enough to you.

Over the door

Never be afraid to think outside of the normal box. I am a newlywed and a new homeowner. Were coming to love our new home and always thinking up new ways to make the most of it.

On a recent trip to our local Wal-Mart I, naturally, took my time in the clearance aisles. I picked up a cheap mixing bowl set, a hanging closet organizer and an over the door shoe organizer.

Our bedroom door in our new home is new the exterior door of our living room which goes out to our yard. The only space in the living room for shoes is big enough for my husbands rubber boots, so behind our bedroom door would be a great place for me to keep my slip ons, and it was. But then I realized I only need one pair of flip flops for running out to get wood with the winter on its way, so while unpacking our winter things I was racking my brain to come up with an easy, quick way to keep mittens together. My shoe organizer! Perfect.

My next problem was that I have this huge pantry. Okay, that wasnt my problem, but the real problem is that I want to make the most of my space now so that my spring cleaning doesnt always include reorganizing my cupboards. While browsing the web a site pointed pout that your cupboard doors offer a lot of overlooked storage. So I quickly got onto amazon in search for an over the door pantry rack, the best I found was a kind of chincy looking thing for $20. As silly as it is I remembered the $2 I spend on the shoe organizer and said, thatll work. So I ventured back to walmart and found another shoe organizer marked down even more to $1.50 and now my extra dressings and peanut butter and jellies are cozy in a shoe organizer on the door of my pantry. I still need to label them as Im short and it can be difficult for me to easily see what is in the top pockets.

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