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Knob and Tube Replacement and Wire Update

KNT Electric did a wonderful job at re-wiring our home and removing the old knob and tube from our home. They arrived on time, finished the job on time, were clean, covered all our furniture, did what they said they would do and fixed all the holes they made. KNT is very professional and I recommend them to anyone looking a good electrician to service their home.

Knob & Tube Replacement

Knob and tube rewire

Bill and crew did a great job quickly and on budget for the complete knob and tube replacement in our home. They must use magic tricks to replace the wiring because there were an impossibly small number of very discreet holes (which they expertly patched up). They are entirely professional, respectful of people and property in the home and incredibly accommodating. I highly recommend them and would be happy to speak with anyone considering their services. I am comfortable saying that you will not go wrong hiring them.

Knob and Tube Replacement

Bill Tang and his team were extremely professional, accomodating and helpful. We had a tight timeline before we moved into our house, and found that there was a lot of old knob and tube wiring. They went above and beyond to make our house meet the electrical standards (including replacing all of the knob and tube), and even did a great job patching up all the holes they had to make in our walls — after a little paint we can’t even tell where they were. They were extremely pleasant to work with and I would highly recommend their services.

Repllacement of knob and tube wiring

Our home still had the old wiring although some had been replaced when there was an electrical fire about ten years ago. We have been living in this house since October of last year. It was a worry and were very pleased to have it all replaced now. KNT had replaced the old wiring in another home that we had and we were very pleased. That is why we called them back when we purchased our present home. The work was done quickly and professionally and the guys are great to deal with. Thank you very much.

Knob and Tube Replacement

I found KNT (Bill Tang) on Homestars. He was the only electrician I called to replace some knob and tube and do some other updates in a newly purchased rental property. Bill did exactly what he said he would (actually he did a little more), exactly when he said he would do it, and at the exact price quoted. Bill provided excellent documentation as needed by my insurance company before and after the project. His crew was professional and very accomodating of the tenants’ concerns. In fact, they came back late on a Friday night to solve a largely unrelated problem with a dryer. KNT is now my go to electrician.

Diana Swift from Old Toronto writes,

Replace knob & tube wiring & repair

KNT did a fast, respectful and tidy job and even threw in some extras, all at $1,000 less than nearest other contractor. They did not harm the panelling or wall coverings and finished faster than estimated. I highly recommended Bill Tang.

Feb 26, 2013

Paul Vivian in Toronto writes,

Remove knob and tube wiring, install wiring for a new kitchen, breaker panel repair and remediation to accommodate new demands, the removal and replacement of faulty wiring throughout the house in general

If you hear the words, “Leave that to me.” from Bill Tang of KNT electric, go mix yourself a cocktail because your job is done. Bill stepped in after an incompetent electrician had left us with a mass of code violations, half wired rooms with no power or rooms with reversed polarity, sparking outlets, ceiling fixtures that were left hanging and/or smoking pot lights. Lights would come on with no reason and turn off by themselves. The breaker panel had been compromised, the house was not grounded and we had no idea if the knob and tube that was supposed to be removed by the first electrician, had in fact, been removed and or worse, what it had been replaced with. Further complicating matters was the fact that our basement was being turned into an apartment and the contractor for that job, had his own electrician for that particular project. It was mess and so were we by the time KNT stepped into the picture. From the friendly, efficient and quiet electricians employed by Bill to the dust cloths over the furniture and the cat’s food and water dishes someone thoughtfully moved to a room with less action that particular day, to the daily check-ins Bill made to answer our questions and provide progress reports, to the truly skillful fishing of wire through our lath and plaster walls and the insignificant damage to same when a new outlet or switch was required, it was a flawlessly executed project. Bill dropped by a few days before the city’s electrical inspection to ensure everything was as it should be that none of his work had been compromised by our renovation still in progress. He need not have bothered. We sailed through the inspection. Outstanding.

Replace and upgrade knob and tube

KNT was professional and curious all the way. They did the job on schedule and on budget. Bill and his crew were a real pleasure to work with. Honest hard working professionals is such a comfort in this day and age. Ten stars Jon Forde East York, Toronto

Knob and Tube replacement and new fixtures

Bill and his team did a great job on re-wiring my old house. They were very detailed in their quote and itemized everything. They came prepared and did a walk-through in the house and marked where each new outlet or fixture would go. They even patched the holes made where the wire wash fished. The panel was even fully labelled upon completion. Very satisfied with the server and work. Highly recommended.

Replace knob and tube, update wiring

Electrical work

KNT Electric replaced all of the knob and tube wiring in my house in 2010. I have also had some smaller jobs for KNT several times this year. For both my large job and my smaller jobs the service has been outstanding. This company is reliable, the workmanship is excellent and the prices are very reasonable. I highly recommend KNT Electric. Thank you Bill and the entire KNT crew!

Knob and Tube in 1920s house

K&T removal

Bill and his team replaced the K&T in my house, as well as adding some additional outlets and light fixtures. Bill was everything that you could hope for from any contractor: Estimate was clear and detailed, and contained none of the dreaded contingencies. References were offered before I asked. They showed up when they said they would, and the job was completed on time. The house was treated carefully and incisions were minimal Good communication throughout the process. I would not hesitate in using KNT Electric for any future electrical work, or giving a recommendation. Thanks Bill Keith & Judith

Knob & Tube Replacement + New receptacles, switches & light fixtures

After years of procrastination due to our fear of living through a total mess we decided in August of this year to hire Bill Tang of KNT to replace the knob & tube wiring in our 1920’s house. Bill assured us that our furniture & floors would be covered in plastic & that any holes in th e walls would be plastered over. In rooms where we have wallpaper he would take care in replacing the paper in the area where the cuts needed to be. We chose to leave town while the work was being done & left on a Monday with Bill & his team arriving on time to start the job. We returned home the following Saturday & couldn’t believe how much had been accomplished in such a short time. We were able to match the paint colour in 3 of the rooms & now it’s hard to see where the holes had been. The wallpaper cutouts were minimal & hardly noticeable. There were a few minor problems with the wiring of the kitchen light fixture but within a few hours Bill had a technician come out to fix this on a Sunday afternoon! We would not hesitate to recommend KNT to anyone contemplating having this work done. Bill takes care of getting the permits, inspections & provides the ESA Certificate of Inspection to prove your house is now wired to meet the safety code. The job was completed on time and within budget. Thanks Bill and to your team for doing a great job. Sincerely, The Barkers

Barry in Toronto writes,

Knob & Tube Replacement

Bill and his team replaced the K&T in my house, as well as adding some additional outlets. They did everything that you hope and expect from any contractor: 1. The quote was clear and detailed. 2. They showed up when they said they would, and the job was completed on time. 3. The house was treated respectfully. 4. Good communication throughout the process. 5. They did a great job, and there were no surprises with the final bill. Overall, this was a great experience and I would not hesitate in using KNT Electric for any future electrical work.

April 23, 2012

RE: Remove knob & tube wiring, upgrade to current building code

KNT Electric are the neighbourhood experts in removing knob & tube wiring in older Toronto homes. They did an exceptional job on time, on price. at one point I had 7 electricians in my home fishing wires through the walls. They repaired and cleaned as they went; you’d never know they were in my home. Unlike my previous electricans who spent much time outside smoking, Bill and his crew worked steadily until the job was complete. I’m very satisfied.

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