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A Guide to Pool Table Lights

Pool table lights are generally used for better lighting conditions and better view of the pool table during the game. These lights are hung from the ceiling just above the table. They can be used anytime of the day for consistent visibility. These table lights come in different forms and are available in super markets and lighting outlets. If you are looking for a table light for your pool room, it is essential that you learn about these tables and their lights as much as possible. This will help you to choose a better deal and make a cost effective purchase. There are several companies present in the market offering a host of table lights for pool room or sports room. These lights offered by the companies have several features, which makes it quite confusing to choose any particular type of brand. However, if the basic rule of choosing the table light that aesthetically complements the dcor of the room is kept in mind, the work becomes much easy.

A pool light for the table run anywhere between twenty dollars to thousands of dollars. The traditional models have two or sometimes three rounded lamps that are made from a variety of composite material like brass, wrought iron, stained wood, smoked glass, etc. The modern design models have a clean and sleek look; they are sharp with symmetrical lines and imaginative colors. These designs are ideally suitable for urban homes with an artsy lifestyle. Other than composite materials, modern day lights use metals and stained glass to create a luxurious effect and a fashionable outlook of the room. As the taste and preference of every individual vary, the lighting of your pool room can also vary. The market is filled with innovative lights for the pool tables. You can indulge yourself with theme oriented lights for the dcor of the sports room. The basic rules to remember about these lights are that they should be hung at a height where the bulb floods the whole pool table with light and without glaring into the eyes of the players. Pool lights can also be used in other rooms to create beautiful accents that are highly functional at the same time.

Types of lights available for a billiard table

Lights for pool tables are available in two broad varieties-traditional and contemporary. On the traditional style the most commonly bought and used lights are the Victorian style and the Tiffany style. These products are usually made from wood, brass, glass and wrought iron. The contemporary table lights have a cleaner and sleek look. They are made of acrylic or chrome. They are available in vibrant colors, which add glamour to your pool table. This light complements your urban living style. Modern table lights are customizable and can be designed according to your preferences.

How to choose the right pool table lights?

  • One of the best and most convenient ways to find table light for your billiard game is by doing window shopping. If you hunt down the electronic section of the supermarket or mall, or if you check out a lighting outlet located nearby, you will certainly find some interesting and affordable pool light. However, your selection would be limited. If you want to look for more style of both the traditional and the contemporary genre the internet can be of great help. An online search performed on your favorite search engine will open up several options for you. There you can choose from the various styles that awaits you.
  • There are several kinds of pool lights available in the market. First and foremost it is necessary that you decide on a type. Select between the traditional or the modern design lights. The most common pool lights are the ones that you find at restaurants and bars. They have brand names of the beer company printed on them. You can choose these lights to give your sports room a familiar look. You can easily customize them by embedding logos or pictures your favorite game, player, family or anything under the sun.
  • Installing a pool light for the billiard table is quite difficult. Therefore, while choosing a light it is necessary to consider the length of the light. The length of the table light should be directly proportionate to the length of your billiard or pool table. Ideally, for every foot of the table the length of the light should be five inches. Therefore, for a billiard table of 8 foot, the light required would be of at least 40 inches.
  • The height of the table light from the billiard table is another matter of concern. This needs to calculate before you make a purchase. A light placed too low can hamper the game. First, the light will glare in the eyes of the player and block his vision. Secondly, it will hit his nose while playing. Therefore, you should choose a light that can be installed on a lower level but not so low that it will become an obstruction. On an average the light should be 32 inches above the bed of the pool table.
  • Modern Light Fixtures - Pool Table Lights, Modern Floor Lamps & Ceiling Fans
  • The table light you choose can be made of glass or Tiffany glass. It is reasonable to remember that glass made table lights are transparent and often available in different shades, while Tiffany glass or stained glass table lights are opaque and offer better view.

One of the main purposes to design a sports room for your home is to play. You want to create a recreational environment at home and therefore you require a sports room. The beautiful design of your billiard board will not make any kind of sense if the lighting selected and its set up is not correct. A bad table light for the pool game is not conducive for playing. Nowadays, companies offer lights that are unique in design but offer a very dim or blurred vision. There are several defects that can be found in your selection if it is not properly selected. If you are in a budget, it is beneficial to use several lights rather than choosing one.

Ideal length and height of the light

The ideal table light must hang properly offering full illumination of the table, the rails, cushions and the guide point arrows. If the lamp is placed at least 32 inches to 36 inches above the playing surface of your billiard table, then it can be said that the table light is perfectly situated. One of the best methods to determine the billiard light height is by measuring the distance with your nose. The lamp should be placed in such a manner that it should reach your nose when you stand up. While playing billiard, you often sway a little forward to hit the balls. This measurement will give you a clear vision and at the same time ensure that you can see every nook and corner in the board.

Instruction to hang the billiard table light

Find the center of the tables playing area which will help you determine the length and width of the pool table bed. Some of the standard table sizes are:

  • 6′ x 3′ with an area of L 66″ x W 33″
  • 7′ x 3’6″ with an area of L 78″ x W 39″
  • 8′ x 4 ‘ with an area of L 88″ x W 44″
  • 8′ x 4 ‘ (oversized) with an area of L 92″ x W 46″
  • 9′ x 4’6″ with an area of L 100″ x W 50″
  • 10′ x 5′ with an area of L 112″ x W 56″
  • 12′ x 6′ with an area of L 124″ x W 62″

Place a masking tape on the centre of the table for tape measure. Measure the centre and the ideal height with the help of the tape.

Hold a plumb line from the ceiling and align it to the centre of the table. You will find a plumb line in any store. Use it for the alignment. If you have ceilings mounts or hook in the exact center, the work becomes much easy. Simply screw the light to the hook and your work is done.

If there are no hooks in the wall take the measurement, once done use the plumb line for alignment. Pre-drill a hole or two to make the work quick and easy. Screw the hooks securely into the pre-drilled holes. Always remember to hold a drill bit up to the shank of the mounting screw. If you need to stand on the billiard board to do the work, then place a foam mat on the bed of the board before you stand on it.

Once the pool table lights are mounted, you can check the distance and the alignment. This is the final view; therefore remember to check all the measurements and alignments before you plug in the lamp to illuminate the room. A billiard table light gives your sports room a soothing ambience, without it playing the game in not at all possible.

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