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I bought a house to do up with my ex husband, we thought we could do it up with Ј10,000 and it ended up going way above budget (which we didn’t have) so we were living in a house with rooms unfinished. This lasted 6 months, and then with working opposite shifts to bring money in our marriage crumbled. My ex left and I lived in that house unfinished for 4 years without enough money to finish it but every last penny was being spent trying to keep afloat on the problems.

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Hi Jo,

It’s nice to see you on here again :)

Okay, so, the middle of 2010 we bought a doer upper on our original return from Perth at the end of 2009 and after spending 10 months with MIL. It was never going to be our forever home as it wasn’t in the area we wanted to be in. We built an extension, new kitchen, new bathrooms, every wall and ceiling needed plastering. Well, hubby did most of it as he is a carpenter by trade but does a bit of everything, so we moved in with 3 children and our 4th imminently due. After being in the house for 2 weeks, baby number 4 came along. We then spent 3 years doing all the work as we didn’t borrow the money to do it, we had to save a bit then do a bit. Well, hubby did all the work so again, like someone else went through hubby spending every weekend/evening working on the house after doing a full days work. We finally sold this at the end of last year and were returning to Perth (typical ping ponger!!) however, hubby had cold feet about work and was really unsure about going back, so we said we’d spend another 6 months in the UK and see how we feel then. A property came up that was near to the girls school as I had spent the previous 4 years doing round trips of about an hour to and from school. It didn’t need loads doing, just reflooring throughout and dйcor, new doors-so cosmetic really. We bought it for Ј405,000 in Feb this year, we have just literally sold it for Ј467,000, so after outgoings and costs, we made about Ј50,000. We are currently living at the in laws until we book flights to return to Perth in about 3-4 weeks. We are all very very excited and hubby doesn’t have cold feet this time and is more positive about work especially now we have extra money to take with us.

So, although we have spent the last 5 years renovating properties (at the cost of family life believe me) we have made a very nice profit which is going to give us a lovely safety net in Perth and may allow us to be mortgage free or at least a very little mortgage-depending on where we decide to stay.

It is hard going working and living in that environment especially with young children and family life does get put on hold. I don’t regret doing it because of the profit we made, I am just anxious now to get to Perth and make up for all the lost family time we have missed out on.

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Good luck with whatever decision you make, if you have maybe another year before you get back to Perth then it may be worth it for the extra money it will give you in your new lives down under.

Good luck Jess xxxx

hi jess, that’s fantastic news, congratulations on selling your house. not long until you fly out :-)) and a nice profit too.

what worries me is that if we were to buy a house, what happens when you sell it and your flights are not for a couple of weeks. mil is going to sell her house once we move out so there isn’t any family to stay with.

anyone else in this situation. do you stay with friends or book a hotel. saying that actually, my sil is renovating a great big 6 bed pub / house at the mo, so that may be ready lol.

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