. Thermo Spray Corporation Fireproofing, Thermal and Acoustical Insulation Products

. Thermo Spray Corporation Fireproofing, Thermal and Acoustical Insulation Products

Thermal and Acoustical Insulation — Passive Fireproofing Contractors

Insulation and Fireproofing Products applied by Thermo Spray

Ceiling Spray Insulation detail view

K-13 is made from natural recycled fibers that have been chemically treated to add resistance to fire, mold and mildew. It’s cotton-like texture and wide variety of standard and custom colors enable K-13 to be used as an attractive surface finish in both new construction and renovation projects. Its acoustic advantages significantly improve ambient sound quality in key projects such as auditoriums, sports facilities, detention facilities, television and sound studios, convention centers and parking garages.

SonaSpray is a spray-applied acoustical texture that has also been designed for a wide range of projects. It provides an attractive, high-performance solution to acoustical and lighting design objectives in both new construction and bonds to virtually all common construction materials, including sheetrock, plaster, wood, metal and concrete.

Combined with the patented adhesive, it provides a strong, durable and resilient surface that resists impact and abrasions without the cracking or spalling that are typical to cementitious or plaster-based materials.

Spray insulation for Parking Garages

  • Isolatek International Products
    • Cafco Blaze-Shield II Fireproofing
      • Cafco Blazeshield II MSDS (PDF)

      Todays fast paced construction schedules demand higher in-place physical performance characteristics. BLAZE-SHIELD II is a commercial density (15 pcf/240 kg/m 3), compositely reinforced portland cement based SFRM designed to endure construction abuse as well as exposure to extreme weather conditions (UL investigated for exterior use). High recycled content, superior durability, no pre-mixing and reduced labor costs to install make BLAZE-SHIELD II the most cost effective SFRM in the world. (Available in black).

      A unique blend of inorganic mineral wool aggregate and proprietary binders, CAFCOHEAT-SHIELD offers a combination of features not found in any other spray-applied thermal/acoustical product. HEAT-SHIELD is ideally suited for light gauge steel panels, concrete slab construction, cold storage facilities, or when an R-20 thermal value is required.

      The world’s most widely specified spray applied cementitious fireproofing: Monokote products can be found in all types of buildings including high-rise construction, manufacturing facilities, schools, hospitals and sports facilities. These products provide a formidable last line of defense in the event of fire.

      Retro-Guard is a gypsum based, cementitious product specifically formulated as a replacement fireproofing for retrofit and spray applications of steel and concrete substrates. Applies easily and dries quickly to form a hard durable, light-blue surface. Listed in more than 100 beam, column, floor/ceiling and roof/ceiling assemblies and fire tested in accordance with ASTM E 119 with numerous post removal and lock-down agents. For use on structural steel beams, columns and metal decking.

      Free-flowing, drainable vermiculite insulation specially treated for water repellency and used to insulate masonry wall cores and cavities. It also increases the fire resistance rating and Sound Transmission Classification (STC) of the wall system. It is lightweight, non-toxic and non-flammable.

      If you have any questions about the products and services Thermo Spray Corporation offers, or how our insulation contracting might be tailored to your needs, please Contact Us. and we will be happy to analyze your construction project(s) and prepare a quote for you.

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