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Truss (Home) - Definition - Online Encyclopedia


Low cost marvels to roof

over most large spaces

By Martin Harris.

do it yourself; how to build a wooden truss.

es are pre-engineered and manufactured assemblies that take the place of conventional rafter. ceiling joist — roof construction .

Truss es can typically be installed in a single day, speeding the home construction process and getting the structure closed up sooner, which helps prevent moisture and other weather elements from getting inside.

Definition of abutment

Vaulted Ceiling s: Why You Either Love ‘Em or You Hate ‘Em.

When the truss es or ceiling joist s are spaced 16 inches on center, I buy 15″ wide insulation .

Cutting Fiberglass Rolls The Easy Way.

Brackets and es at the Mark Twain House

The Hartford, Connecticut home of American author Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens).

The second cause, truss arching or truss uplift, is a slight bowing of the entire truss upward during the winter.

The logs can be run from the gable ends lengthwise of the cabin as beam supports or they ca be run as es. Either way you will need to make sure that the roof gets adequate insulation .

Truss ed Roofs

Truss ed roofing was an innovation that appeared in the UK in the 1960s and rapidly took over the new house building scene.

In structural engineering, the term identifies a structure comprising one or more triangular units constructed with straight members whose ends are connected at joints.

Truss Roof System

A truss roof system should never be altered nor should truss roof systems be converted to living or storage space. Load are pre-calculated to handle the weight of the roof system, ice and snow.

An assembly of members combined to form a rigid framework. All members are interconnected to form triangles. Light frame es are made from dimension lumber restrained by toothed plate s.


A engineered structure of short framing members, such as beams, chords, and diagonals, assembled into a rigid support structure. Frequently used for roofs, now becoming common for floor framing. as well. Back to alphabetical list.

terminology (fermes, f. (terminologie))

bay (baie, f.) The portion of the roof between two adjacent es.

Truss. Engineered components that supplement rafters in many newer homes and building s. Truss es are design ed for specific applications and cannot be cut or altered.

Valley. The angle formed at the intersection of two sloping roof surfaces.

A type of horizontal reinforcing systems made with diagonal cross rods through wall flashing .

Tutor Arch

A pointed, four-centered arch of medium rise-to-span ratio.

Truss. A frame or jointed structure design ed to act as a beam of long span. which each member is usually subjected to longitudinal stress only, either tension or compression.

U VALUE — Heat transfer coefficient of material.

VALLEY — Angle formed at the intersection of two sections of sloped roofs.

Truss -A prefabricated framework of girders. struts and other items used to support a roof or other load-bearing elements.

Turnkey — A term used when the subcontractor provides all materials (and labor) for a job.

TUNGSTEN-TIPPED Inserts of tungsten carbide welded to the tips of circular saw teeth and drills to minimise the need for resharpening.

Truss » An engineered and manufactured roof support member with «zigzag» framing members. Does the same job as a rafter but is design ed to have a longer span than a rafter. Read More.

The engineered components which have supplemented rafters in many newer house s. They are design ed for specific applications and cannot be cut or altered in any way.

Truss es: Engineered wood roof system.

Tubes-In-The-Wall. Perforated tubes installed in every exterior and interior wall in the home. The tubes all lead to an injection port on the outside of the home .

. Structural unit of members fastened in triangular arrangements to form a rigid framework for support over long spans.

RAFTER. spaced close enough (usually 24 o.c.) to eliminate the need for purlins .

Truss — A structure of two-dimensional framing members, such as chords, and diagonals, assembled into a rigid support structure. Frequently used for roofs, but also floor framing .


This house uses es for the roof framing. es are pre-fabricated, triangulated wooden structures used to support the roof. The alternative is to build up the roof ‘s frame with 2x8s and 2x10s.

24. Truss es:

When the framer s are ready to place the truss es a crane should be on site to lift the truss es to the roof. If the plywood for the roof has not yet been delivered, make sure it is on the site at this time.

es add stability and support to building s. Because es are composed of triangles, they’re resistant to collapse and can support greater weights than many other types of supports. es can enhance and stabilize roofs and bridges.

Truss ed roofs have been used for centuries because they are very strong and stable.

es arrived and ended up consuming much of our back yard. They measured 16 ft high by 32 feet wide. Many of these es were room -n-attic (or bonus) es. In this way, they were uniquely able to house a room 13 feet wide and over 8 feet high.

Plan will show every that will make up a roof system. Each will be numbered and will be shown on shop drawing with dimensions and specifications.

A manufactured wood member often in the form of a large triangle which is used to form the ceiling joist s and rafters on the top floor of a home .

Tube and Knob Wiring.

Open, light weight framework of members, usually design ed to replace a large beam where spans are great.

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- Normally, factory made roof frame.

Underfelt — A layer of material between the back of the slate /tiles and the roof frame providing slight insulation and an extra water proof barrier for any moisture .

Manufactured roof -support member internally supported through cross brace s called webs. W-type and Howe es are the most common ones used in garage construction .

A is a special structural member that has more strength than a typical beam and is typically used for roof rafters and floor joists .

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