Water Tower lot for Sims 2 — Framwinkle

Water Tower lot for Sims 2 - Framwinkle

Water Tower lot for Sims 2

After building the Rabbit Hole lot for Buster and Babs, which was constructed as far down as the game would let me build, I decided I wanted to try the opposite, and build something as high as I could. So, I constructed the Warner Brothers water tower for Yakko, Wakko and Dot.

The first trick was figuring out how to build something very tall, since the game only allows for 5 stories, but being a water tower I wanted this to rise far above the ground. At first I tried stacking pillars, but that didn’t work because the game still counted their stories and wouldn’t let me go very far. For example, it was possible to stack two 3 story pillars on top of each other, but then because that constitued 6 stories, it wouldn’t let me build anything on top of them.

To get around this stupid limitation, I decided that the only way would be to raise the ground level and then build on top of that, using the ground itself as my pillar. Then the trick was to figure out, mostly through trial and error, just how high I could make the ground yet still have enough room to build what I wanted on top of it before I hit the lot’s ceiling. Once I did this, and decided just how much area I wanted the tower to cover, I raised ground in the whole area of the tower up the appropriate level so that I could build on top of it. I had to raise the whole area, rather than just the four pillars, or I wouldn’t have been allowed to place walls and floors in the middle where there was no support.

I then had to place four main one-story pillars in the corners, which would be left in the structure when I was finished, and cover the rest of the area with other one story pillars to provide support during the building process. I couldn’t just build directly on the elevated ground, since then I wouldn’t be able to lower the terrain when I was done and leave only the four pillars behind.

Building on top of the pillars, I constructed the main floor of the tower and then added a metal walkway all around it. I had to finalize the carpet for the lower floor of the tower now, since I wouldn’t be able to change it afterwards once the support pillars were removed.

The rest of the tower was constructed on top of this floor now while there was still support under it, since I didn’t know if the game would let me do it later on.

Once the tower was built, I went back down to the bottom floor and took out all the pillars but the corner 4. I put floor tiles under them just to make sure that they’d remain at their present hight when the rest of the ground was leveled.

Leveling the ground was now simple. Just cover the whole area with the leveling tool,

And presto!

In order to paint the pillars, all I had to do was ring them with floor tile at ground level. This locked the ground around the pillars in place so that the game wouldn’t try to raise the ground when flooring was placed on the pillars.

After that, all that was left was to create a stairway up to the tower. The hard part was elevating the landings for the stairways so that they connected with the stairs in the right places. These landings made two of the pillars a lot fatter than I wanted, and I’d prefer that they were all as skinny as the two next to the driveway to give the whole tower a more delecate look, but I couldn’t find a better way of doing it.

Now that I think about it, perhaps I should have made the tower into an octagon shape rather than a square, just to keep it sort of round. But oh well. It wasn’t possible to make it accurate anyway, so I just made something practical that I’d be happy with. I say Dot redecorated, and that’s the excuse I’m sticking with. )

Water Tower lot for Sims 2 - Framwinkle

Originally, I planned to have the driveway directly under the tower, but then realized after it was built that the mailbox and trash can were in the way, so that had to be put to the side. To fill in the unused space, a pool seemed a natural alternative. No sunbathing there, though. (

I don’t think I could live here. The lack of a solid floor outside would be too much for me. The sims don’t seem to mind, though.

Here’s a night shot, just for fun.

Now we get to the floor plans.

Ground Floor — Pool and garage.

First Floor — Kitchen, dining, and television.

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